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Sex after DCs?

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summeriscoming · 22/06/2015 22:12

So I thought that after having DCs sex life goes downhill until it disappears completely (or so I've been told).
Well, I'm having the best and most frequent sex of my life! I'm so happy I can't even tell you :)
I think for me the reasons are:

  1. I'm more confident as a person and seem to have gotten over some of my body issues I had before DCs
  2. I'm no longer on the Pill - which seems to have hugely increased my sex drive.
  3. I'm not afraid to tell DH what I like / don't like.

Obviously, I'm really happy about this but I was wondering if this was a common phenomenon or more of a anomaly.
OP posts:
UnsolvedMystery · 22/06/2015 22:28

I feel exactly the same, probably for the same 3 reasons.
It's fun isn't it!

Misslgl88 · 22/06/2015 23:23

I have to admit nothing has changed here either. We dtd just as much as before and it's just as good. I was always worried it wouldn't feel the same after 3 DC for OH but he says it feels just the same, those pelvic floor excercises were worth it then

summeriscoming · 23/06/2015 09:09

Yes - so much fun! :)
Also, I seem to be thinking about sex all the time! Again, I think this is because I'm no longer on the pill.

OP posts:
Imi22sleeping · 23/06/2015 18:36

I haven't had we with my husband since we conceived our baby 2years ago but Thanks for rubbing it in

Saltedcaramel2014 · 23/06/2015 18:45

Good for you. This hasn't been my experience at all (wish it had been!) but I'm hoping things will change and yours is a nice hopeful story. I feel tired, unsexy but above all aware that we are in different roles together most of the time - hard to switch from parenting to lovers I find

vodkanchocolate · 24/06/2015 18:15

I agree, currently having the best sex we both know what we want and enjoy we dont always get the chance but when we get the chance thats it its pretty intence at times, also lot more hornier since having my youngest I dont know why

littleraysofsunshine · 05/07/2015 22:20

Salted caramel totally agree

cowbag1 · 06/07/2015 09:09

Yep this is us too and I blame it totally on the Pill.

I really wish I had tried other forms of contraception pre-DC because my sex drive was so low and now it's through the roof!

Ilikefrogs · 11/07/2015 20:29

I have a new partner so not quite the same but the sex I'm having now is the best of my life! (After DC) I don't even think about my body, have the confidence to do what I want in bed and orgasm pretty much every time whereas before it was once in a blue moon!
I also blame the pill partly - it killed my sex drive/body image and I think it contributed to my l know orgasm because now I'm off it I get really wet when im turned on compared to fairly dry before!
I also don't get urine infections, which I ised to get all the time, so I can relax! (My insides must've moved around post-baby!)

StaircaseAtTheUniversity · 11/07/2015 20:33

I'm the same- it's definitely the lack of hormonal contraceptives. Hadn't realised how much of a dampener that had been on my sex drive.

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