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King Edwards and barrow hills to close?

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GreyUser · 29/02/2024 09:19

We have heard that two Surrey Schools owned by Bridewell Foundation (King Edwards Witley and Barrow Hills) are in financial difficulty and may not be able to cope with increases in costs expected to come from changes to teachers pensions and vat in school fees. The rumours are that they have threatened all staff with dismissal of they do not agree to new contracts by Easter that reduced the schools staffing bill. This is really worrying as we considering the senior school for our son who is in Year Five. I contacted the school but they refused to comment as I'm not a current parent.
Are there any people here with links to the school who can clarify whether the rumours are true and what is going on there at the moment?

OP posts:
PostmanP · 11/03/2024 14:48

Good Q. Ive responded to this in another thread about Surrey Schools which has the same question - I know both schools and in short dont think there is anything which makes these schools an outlier in the challenges facing the sector - think maybe delete this one or change title to redirect??

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