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LEH v St George's College

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ESB1 · 23/02/2024 22:09

Hi all, we are in a very lucky position to be able to choose between these 2 great schools but are really struggling to decide! Please help if you have any experience of either school.
Our daughter is naturally bright and motivated, she enjoys sports and wants to do drama and cookery! She enjoys friendships with boys and girls. We live very near LEH and a coach ride from St George's- can't work out if the closeness of LEH out weighs the co-Ed of St George's.

We just cannot decide between the two as they both seem fantastic schools!
Thanks for your advice in advance!

OP posts:
Conundrummum · 23/02/2024 22:33

My DD is at LEH (and I just went to the offer holder day at St George’s for my DS). LEH excellent - significantly more academic than St Gs I think. Excellent sport, drama, music - we’ve been very happy with it. Really gets the best out of the girls. Proximity of Hampton boys means there is some interaction. I noticed there were many more boys at the offer holder event at St George’s than girls. Might be worth enquiring what the split is if co-Ed important to you. Proximity to school such a bonus. That traffic through Weybridge is a bore.

ESB1 · 28/02/2024 22:36

Thank you so much Conundrummum! I think we fell in love with everything St George's had to offer. We feel we know so much more about it than LEH. ( We were also at offer holders eveningblast week!) We looked around LEH on an open morning on a school day. We didn't get much of a feel for it and are desperate to work out if being all girls it's cliquey, if everyone is just super bright and nerdy and if the demographic is a good mix??? St George's ticked all our boxes of being a great mix of boys, girls and ethnicities, and the pupils were well balanced, kind and friendly, not only interested in academic prowess. We are thinking about family life/ daily commute and LEH makes so much more sense!! AARRRGGGHHHH 1 WEEKEND LEFT TO DECIDE!!!

OP posts:
SheilaFentiman · 28/02/2024 22:42

There may be a bus to St George’s but what about transport to see friends, to stay for after school clubs etc?

Conundrummum · 28/02/2024 22:58

@ESB1 LEH can have cliques coming up from the junior school (they try and split these up), but potentially same issue at SGs? LEH very ethnically diverse. Huge range of personalities - all bright but not by any means nerdy. But if your DD really loves a school perhaps she’ll be willing to do the long commute. Try the flip a coin trick and see if how it makes you feel! ☺️

Conundrummum · 28/02/2024 23:00

Check out the late bus logistics from St Gs - I was told it only goes as far as Walton (which may mean pick ups if she does after school clubs 😵‍💫)

Disco222 · 29/02/2024 12:31

Where do you live? I have 2DS and 1DD at St George's. Their friends live all over the place and there is lots of car shares for transport outside of normal coach service. Addestone train station is five mins walk. Feel free to ask any questions.

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