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Torquay Boys Grammar

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HowDidThisHappen1 · 21/10/2023 10:27

Hello! Id love to hear from anyone with kids at Torquay Boys Grammar school.

Would you recommend it? What are the schools strengths and weaknesses?

Our DS has been offered a place but its an hour away by bus, so a bit of a dilemma whether or not to take it.

We only have a couple of weeks to decide 😬

Thank you!!

OP posts:
Hopebridge · 26/02/2024 12:55

Bumping as hoping to find out people's thoughts. Obviously don't know until Friday if have a confirmed place.

StrawberryThief1930 · 27/02/2024 20:23

its a great school. my DS is in year 7. Great facilities, extra curriculars etc. Strong academics.

Not much homework so far.

what do you want to know?

Hopebridge · 29/02/2024 14:04

Good to know not lots of homework. My son seems to be under the impression he will have lots!

Do they stream them from year 7?, are all the timetables the same for each house group. My son is worried he will get lost.

Has your son made friends easily? My son won't know many others and is nervous about this. I'm hoping they do activities to help them get to know each other before they start?

Shoes? Which ones are they allowed to wear ( I know this sounds odd but the ones on the website all look like business shoes. A bit of a leap from the black trainer style my son wears 😬🙈) I assume uniform has to be bought when you know which house they are in?

Can you think of anything you would have liked to know before your son started?

StrawberryThief1930 · 29/02/2024 17:43

they stay in their house group as their form group and have all the same timetable. no streaming in year 7, i think from year 8 upwards?

no-one gets lost, they travel like a pack of year 7s.

my son knew no-one in his form but 2 others from his school. not a problem making friends. get him to join lots of societies. there is something on every day.

shoes - as far as i know everyone wears proper black shoes. like business shoes.

uniform - Only the tie and blazer badge is unique to their house. All other uniform is available from supermarket/m&s etc. PE is from Riveria School days shop or i think you can buy online. The school offers a starter package deal thing which includes all essential kit eg pens, pencils, dictionary, tie, water bottle etc. I bought that.

dont think there is anything i wish id known.

my son is very outgoing and happy to get stuck in.

good luck tomorrow.

Hopebridge · 29/02/2024 18:36

Thank you very much.

Hopebridge · 01/03/2024 00:19

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

Eagertolearn · 03/03/2024 12:38

Hi ,
My son has been offered a place at TBGS. Could anyone share how the houses are formed and what criteria are taken into consideration? My son only knows one boy who is also going there, and we are wondering if we can help them end up in the same house. :)

StrawberryThief1930 · 03/03/2024 15:53

its random, but they try and put boys from the same school together. you can request that he is put with that boy. id suggest his parents do it too. they will try and accommodate it.

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