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Cranbrook school: pipe dream, nightmare or worth a go?

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goddessofplenty · 20/09/2023 13:10

Does anyone have any recent experience of getting their DC into Cranbrook/what it’s like there? Including boarding. About five years ago I found a thread on how it had hit the skids a bit but I can’t see if that’s changed. I know there’s a new Head who has just come in but that’s it and if I’m going to make my DD do loads of extra work to try and get in I’d like to know if it’s going to be worth it!!

OP posts:
LadyLapsang · 20/09/2023 23:00

You need to be aware the non-selective school closed in this area so if your daughter does not pass the Kent Test / entrance exam she will have to travel out of Cranbrook for secondary school.

301963Laurie · 20/09/2023 23:03

Are you asking about the private school? I personally know two people whose children went there and they really haven’t achieved a lot in life! Am talking about 10 years ago so maybe it has changed.

Mirabai · 20/09/2023 23:12

I’m closely related to kids who are currently there (not my own). It ain’t all that tbh.If she’s clever the academics at TOGs and Tunbridge Wells are better.

Cranbrook isn’t that hard to get into so you don’t need to pressure her.

RainbowGirl1 · 29/02/2024 08:12

Honestly, it’s still not great (and I say that with my sadness as my child is there). The new Head though has acknowledged the main issue (academic attainment not been a focus for years) but sadly teaching in some key subjects is just not good enough. The school have been able to mask it for a very long time as a high proportion of parents (very high) pay for private tuition outside of school. With more of the intake slowly coming from non-private schools, there will inevitably be more parents who can’t afford to pay for private tuition and these children do suffer academically. I’d hoped for a more impactful quick change from the new Head, and some efforts have been made (option to pay for additional class(es) over school holiday periods) but it’s not enough. I assume it’s just hard to get rid of the old-school ineffective teachers?

On a positive note, other than academically, kids do seem to love being at the school. It’s a safe small environment, with lots of options to get involved in extra-curricular activity. And of course, Cranbrook itself is a lovely little town.

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