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Ibstock Place - 13 plus entry

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Babymomma47 · 03/09/2023 11:30

Has anyone been through this process? We are applying for Sep 24 entry and need to understand if it is similar to the 11 plus exam? Can’t seem to find any info on the website.

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Babymomma47 · 15/09/2023 16:04

Moving this post back up. Any insight on 13plus process generally for SW London schools?

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tlsalsrud · 16/09/2023 20:54

My DS applied to ibstock for 13+ for 2022 entry, was in the WL but ended up with no offer. Five boys from his prep applied, three got interviewed and shortlisted, but, sadly, no one heard back from the school. According to those boys, Maths was okay but English tough; texts were not that difficult but the questions were tricky to answer. Creative writing was about the new neighbour - can't remember exactly, but it was like, who do you want to move to your neighbour and why. Interview was conducted via online from home because of the pandemic restrictions - I could hear through the wall! It started with the presentation about the chosen topic by the candidate, then asked a couple of subject related questions including a verbal description about the picture shown in the screen and some general personal questions. While listening to my DS, I felt right away he got screwed.. I don't know whether it is similar to its 11+ coz we came to London in his Y7.
Hope it helps and wish the best luck to your DC.

Babymomma47 · 17/09/2023 08:01

Thank you for the insight. It sounds like a tough process and English is my DS’s weakness so would need to do a lot of preparation for perhaps very limited chance. Can you share if you applied for any other 13plus schools with better success?

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