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Glasgow for a short break

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Cocolepew · 08/03/2017 13:39

I'm looking to take my 15 yo DD away for 3/4 nights.
I'd originally thought about London because I know it,but a couple of people have mentioned Glasgow.

Is it easy to get around? I've heard the shopping is good.
Is there a hotel or B and B that anyone can recommend (cheaper end of the scale).

OP posts:
aliceinwanderland · 08/03/2017 13:58

Suspect she would love it. Shopping is good and loads of eating places in town. Transport by subway is easy for most places and taxis aren't expensive. I'd check out the Brunswick in merchant city to stay. Or else look at the west end - although I can't recommend anywhere to stay.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett · 08/03/2017 14:01

She'll love it. Great shopping, tonnes to do. Very easy to get around - compact city centre on a grid layout. There are loads of budget hotels in the city centre - travel lodge, ibis, etc. The cool end of town for eating out is Finnieston, we stayed at the Lorne hotel for one night in December and it was £30 or something ridic. V small room but totally fine.

It's also the city of music (or some such made up title) so you'll be able to find a gig or two I'm sure.

Sunbeam18 · 08/03/2017 14:11

Glasgow is brilliant for short break - great museums/galleries, music scene, bars and restaurants and shopping. You could get something fab on air b & b?

TheBogQueen · 08/03/2017 14:21

The Alamo in finnieston is good for B&b
Citizen M on town is good too.

west end is great for little shops, vintage clothing, cafes and there's the botanic gardens and kelvin walkway too plus art galleries.

Merchant city /Buchanan st great fur shopping. Paesano pizza and mother India's cafe are great restaurants also bread meets bread in the west end does a good burger.

Glasgow is small enough to get around easily via the subway but loads to do and see. It really is a beautiful city in spite of the best efforts of the city planners to ruin it Smile

Cocolepew · 08/03/2017 14:26

Thanks for the replies Smile
We're coming from Belfast so the flights are pretty cheap.
I'm going to check out the suggestions now Smile

OP posts:
DanyellasDonkey · 08/03/2017 17:55

Great for a girls' trip - lots of good shops and places to eat. I've never actually used the subway or buses as I've found plenty to do within walking distance of the centre.

We've stayed in the Park Inn by Radisson a couple of times and have had really good deals there.

WankersHacksandThieves · 08/03/2017 18:54

I've heard that there are often good deals for the Village Hotel.

I'm from Edinburgh though so will reserve judgement on the choice of Glasgow... :o

Cocolepew · 08/03/2017 19:10

Sorry Wankers.. DD1 went to Edinburgh in January and loved it if that's any consolation Grin

OP posts:
BobbinThreadbare123 · 08/03/2017 19:13

Glasgow is great for a trip, shopping is excellent and there's lots of cool museums and galleries.

prettybird · 08/03/2017 19:29

Plenty of choice with Premier Inns/City Inns/Ibis close up the city centre. B&bs further out.

Good local transport with both the dinky Underground (so it's easy to get to the West End/Glasgow Uni which itself is worth of a visit and has museums/Kelvingrove Museum) and a good suburban railway network. Not that you need it as most things you'd want to do in a weekend are within the city centre/walking distance.

The open top buses are quite good for a tour to find out more about the buildings around the city.

Trooperslane · 08/03/2017 19:32

I wouldn't recommend the Brunswick - it's a great bar/restaurant but the rooms are a bit grim.

Plenty of premier inns - no frills but clean and comfy.

Or the Fraser suites in Albion street if you fancy more of a home/Kitchenette etc.

She could ski/sledge at xscape.

I'm from Belfast and am back there regularly and I wouldn't say the shopping is any better in Glasgow now.

soupmaker · 08/03/2017 19:39

Premier Inn near George Square would be ideal. You are close to the city centre and merchant city and can get out to the west end via subway easily.

WankersHacksandThieves · 08/03/2017 19:53

That's a bit of consolation thanks :)

I was going to say that I thought the shopping in Belfast was good.

We did a trip to Liverpool with our teens in October - we really loved it. That may be another option for you?

TyneTeas · 08/03/2017 20:29

Some good suggestions for things to do on this thread Smile

TinfoilHattie · 09/03/2017 08:17

Look at the Novotel too - they often do special deals and it is very centrally located.

Cocolepew · 09/03/2017 09:03

Thanks everyone Smile

OP posts:
buckeejit · 16/03/2017 11:27

ooh, Im just about to book a trip to Glasgow from Belfast for a couple of days with a friend - was looking for hotels and stumbled upon this. Great stuff!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy · 18/03/2017 22:30

There's an Easyhotel as well which is about £20 a night if memory serves. It's right next to Buchanan St Bus station

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