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School holidays

School holidays are upon yay or nay

16 replies

Lichensclerosus · 20/07/2022 09:23

School holidays are upon us yay or bay from you guys???

Im mostly yay got lots planned to keep us busy a holiday,day trips, seeing friends and family and some lazy days also and I do miss the kids when there not home. give it a week and I'll probably have had enough of the arguing attitudes constant need to eat and house looking trashed though 🤣there 6+8

OP posts:

Lichensclerosus · 20/07/2022 09:25

Should really read what I write before o post it-i meant nay not bay *

OP posts:

Lichensclerosus · 20/07/2022 09:26

Oh bloody heck I did it again!

OP posts:

Purplehonesty2 · 20/07/2022 09:29

It's a huge yay from us. We are halfway in and I'm loving the long lies, few lazy days, day trips and holiday we went on.

I would happily live like this forever!!


InDubiousBattle · 20/07/2022 09:29

I can't wait for my 7&8 year olds to finish on Friday.


InDubiousBattle · 20/07/2022 09:31

Purplehonesty2 I wish we had broken up earlier!


EntertainingandFactual · 20/07/2022 09:33


Love the school holidays.
Lazy mornings, days out, no ‘schedule’, everyone relaxed.


FourTeaFallOut · 20/07/2022 09:36

My older two have been off a while already and the youngest breaks up today. It's yay until that last week off when time slows down, everyone is bored and thoroughly unmotivated and school seems to have a certain appeal again.


PleaseYourselfandEatTheCrusts · 20/07/2022 09:37


Got some nice things planned. I can't wait!


Beamur · 20/07/2022 09:38

Love the holidays.


KylieCharlene · 20/07/2022 09:40

Dc 11&12 need constant entertainment.
Day 1 and already I feel a huge pressure.
Anxiety is bad at the moment plus I'm starting a new job.
We're not doing a 'proper' holiday due to circumstances and tbh their awful behaviour towards each other.
They don't seem to understand I can't be constantly arranging the next day out and spending £££ everyday.
When we do go out they bicker, fight and complain the day is crap and I'm not paying lots of money to go abroad to put up with it there.
You'd think they had no mates (they both have lots) as they never arrange stuff with them during holidays -like playing in the park with them or chilling out with a movie.

I hate the holidays and feel I need a holiday to recover once they return to school.


KilmordenCastle · 20/07/2022 09:45

Yay for us. Its nice to have some more relaxed mornings and to just have days where we can do whatever we fancy. Lots of trips to the swimming pool or local country park. We haven't got any big days out planned yet but I'm sure we will do a couple. Will also spend lots of time with cousins which is always lovely.

We've got a holiday booked for the last week of the holidays so it's good to have that to look forward to as I find the last couple of weeks can drag.


CantaloupeMelon · 20/07/2022 09:49

Yay! I've saved up most of my annual leave for the summer, looking forward to lazy days with the DC (teens) and our first foreign holiday since 2019.


Refrosty · 20/07/2022 09:49

Yay - majorly fun holiday booked for mid August, no school runs, I love my kids and they can be quite entertaining

Nay - my kids can turn a house inside out in seconds, the constant questions, the guilt as I am still working FT so no day trips and activities until the weekend


liveforsummer · 20/07/2022 09:49

We're half way through now - it's flown by and so far had a great time especially with the weather (controversial I know but better to be off and able to make the most of it than to be in work/school). Still got a caravan holiday to go and friends coming to visit. Sadly the last week dc will be at their dads


JerkintheMerkin · 20/07/2022 09:50

My first thought this morning was after Friday I don't have to make bloody packed lunch for 6 weeks or do the school runs. Yay upon Yay!


Yodaisawally · 20/07/2022 09:51

Yay, I love the holidays.

We are away for two weeks from Monday. I'll be working the rest of the holidays, DH is a teacher so he is taking the kids away to relatives for a few days and the rest of the time they'll be out and about and I'll join in when I can.

Not getting woken at 6 by DHs alarm is the best bit though.

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