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What's your after school routine like?

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lemontrees22 · 27/03/2023 07:30

I'm a SAHP, my DD is now in reception.
Just wanted to know what everyone's after school routine is like.
Ours is :
Home from school....snack...some craft: play...then whilst I make dinner, DD watches a bit of TV...
Dinner is 5.30pm / 6pm
Bathtime is around 6.30pm
Teeth/ books/ bed - can be anytime 7.45pm to 8.15pm

But I'm looking for other suggestions.

I'm also finding 4/5 a difficult age if I'm being honest - they want independence ...
What jobs or help do your children do at this age?
Feel like I need to give her more responsibility...

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Dracuuule · 27/03/2023 07:40

When mine were that age, we did swimming and library after school so that was two days.
The other days, similar to you except we also did some homework (15 mins) and whatever child felt like. Sometimes it was just watching tv and they loved horrible histories and wildlife documentaries so there was a lot of that.

berksandbeyond · 27/03/2023 07:43

Clubs / activities 3 days a week, the other days are walks / park / tv / independent play. Phonics 5 times a week. Now that the lighter nights are here and weather should start getting better I expect we’ll spend a lot of time in the garden

lemontrees22 · 27/03/2023 08:28

@berksandbeyond what sort of clubs and activities?
She does a football club for under 5's on Fridays.

OP posts:
berksandbeyond · 27/03/2023 08:30

lemontrees22 · 27/03/2023 08:28

@berksandbeyond what sort of clubs and activities?
She does a football club for under 5's on Fridays.

Ballet, drama, multi sports - we are lucky to have a lot of extra curricular options locally so those are the ones we’ve chosen this year

ImAvingOops · 27/03/2023 09:41

We also had activities after school on some days. My boys used to have swimming lessons after school, sometimes football or judo in the evening. Dd had gymnastics or dance. We would also have play dates at ours or a friend's house.
Some days were just walking home (often via the park) and just playing at home with their toys while I made dinner.
Bath time was around 6/7 ish, then stories and bed by 8.

Marchforward · 02/04/2023 16:22

Normally home around 4, play for 30 mins, 30 mins TV 5.00 dinner, either play a bit more or bath/shower 6.30 supper and in bed for 7.

My youngest is 4 and oldest is 7.

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