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Christmas week - What are your plans?

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NoNamesLeft234678 · 18/12/2022 23:14

We saw santa at a sensory play area today, tomorrow we're going shopping for our little ones first shoes which is the last Christmas gift we need to get, Tuesday we're going to a Christmas Market on a light walk and to an all you can eat buffet, Wednesday is probably going to be a Build stuff up and tidy day, Thursday breakfast with santa, baking sugar cookies and anything else that still needs doing from Wednesday, Friday we're going to a big indoor and outdoor play area place with a farm and rides for the day with another santa visit then another all you can eat buffet, Saturday we're going to Toby Cavery for tea after baking cookies for santa in the day and then Christmas eve boxes when we get back and Sunday we're going to open stockings and santa presents before visiting both sides of the family then coming back home for buffet food, presents and probably movies 😝

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