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SAHM - finances

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Ellbelle · 16/09/2022 18:18

Currently a SAHP to my 2 month old son and supported by my partner, who I usually just ask for money as and when I need it. (Gave up my self employed job when I became pregnant)

were currently having some issues within our relationship so have decided to take a much needed break this weekend.

i have already planned a family meal (which he won’t be coming to) and taking our son out tomorrow day time with my friend, which I’d usually ask my partner for money to cover this.

as we are currently not on good terms and having a much needed weekend break from one another I feel guilty asking for money. However is it fair I cancel my plans, because I don’t want to ask. The break was mainly my decision, he agreed it was the right thing to do so am I still entitled to ask for money to fund my planned weekend with his son.

i have also started to work again when baby is napping etc so this situation will hopefully never happen again..

thank you for any advice :)

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Flopisfatteningbingforchristmas · 21/09/2022 13:15

Sounds like a lot is going on.

You’re not really a sahp but just on maternity leave. You’ve had to stop working to look after your joint tiny baby. What was the discussion about finances before the baby came? I’m a sahm and I wouldn’t if I asked to ask for money all the time. Is money one of the reasons you’re not getting on?

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