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3 dc feels too much- overwhelmed

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Bigtitinmegarden · 15/08/2022 11:04

I loved being a mum of 1, adored being a mum of 2, gave my everything and enjoyed it all however, now I have 3 I just can’t seem to function, I mean I do, but every day is a struggle. Meal times, days out, staying in, watching a film, bed times- everything is hard! I’m touched our constantly, irritated, just want to rip my own skin off and scream most days, I love each child immensely, 1 on 1 time with them is wonderful but other than that I’m finding it too overwhelming. DH is amazing at picking up the slack when he’s home but works long hours.

We have no family or friends to help, dc are 5.5, 2.5, 8mo, so all very young with all different needs and I’m breastfeeding.

Did anyone else find 2-3 dc as a SAHM hard?

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Bigtitinmegarden · 15/08/2022 13:46

i should add- my children are very loved, we take them on breaks and holidays, have a lovely life, if I’m very overwhelmed I make sure they’re safe and take a breather.

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FlibbertyGiblets · 15/08/2022 13:56

Ah yes you are at the coal face and it is a real slog.

Can you outsource any tasks like cleaning, make the most of online grocery shopping.

Remember it is nearly September and back to school is coming, this period of no routine can be exhausting.

Hang on in there, it will get easier. [Gentle hand pat]

mdh2020 · 15/08/2022 14:34

DS summed it up - 2 children aren’t enough and 3 are too many. I can only tell you it will get easier.

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