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Job prospects after being SAHM for 7 years

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Whatinthe · 16/06/2022 07:19

Hi, as the title says, I've been a SAHM for the past 7 years. I haven't worked since having my first so feeling rather daunted, as well as excited, about now looking for work again.

Is there anyone on here who has gone back to work after being at home?

I've seen an interesting job but it's about £15k less than if I were to go back into the equivalent of my previous role. Personally I think it's unrealistic to think that, after 7 years out, I can walk into the same role straight away. I feel my best bet is to take a lower paying job which has the potential for me to progress upwards. DH is concerned that I could be missing better paid opportunities (not out of greed, our financial situation is somewhat uncertain at the mo and it would help if I got a better paid job). What has been others' experiences please?

OP posts:
BruisedSkies · 16/06/2022 07:21

I volunteered for a day a week for a year in an office type job. No one batted an eyelid about me going back after a career gap. Depending what you’re looking for that could be an option.

Neolara · 16/06/2022 07:25

I was able to go back to my previous job at the same level after 15 years as a sahm. Frankly, I was amazed they were prepared to consider me, let alone give me a job, but the role requires a specific professional qualification and there is a huge national shortage of people who have it.

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