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What to do all day with 3 month old

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duckling3 · 18/01/2021 17:49

I have a 3 month old son. Some days are easy and fly by, others feel long and I struggle to know what to do with him to keep him entertained and stimulated.
With the latest lockdown, we aren't really getting out much or seeing people and days have become quite repetitive.

What do you/ did you do with babies at this age? Looking for ideas that maybe I can try with him. He's started to become a lot more interested in the world recently so now might be a good time to start doing some sensory play?

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sparklingstars12 · 18/01/2021 18:01

Draw some black and white patterns for him to look at.
Give household objects for him to feel. (Google treasure baskets for ideas)
Coloured scarves to move above him
Space blanket for him to crinkle
Put pasta or rice in a pot to shake for him.
Poke fairy lights through a cardboard box for him to look at.
Or don't feel guilty about a cuddle and Netflix at this age Smile

User0ne · 18/01/2021 18:26

Seriously at 3m just strap him into a sling and talk to him while you do whatever you want. That will be plenty of stimulation.

If you want to faff about making funny sounds for him with rattles etc go for it. There's really no developmental need as long as you are not just sitting on the sofa all (and I mean all) day.

Go for a walk, do some cooking, watch a film. Rattle the pasta packet and give them the crisp packet to scrunch

edgeware · 18/01/2021 18:33

I have a three month old, it’s my second... He is quite a sleepy baby and we’ll go out for nap walks in the pram at least three times a day, including one long one at midday. This is also so I can hopefully walk off some of the weight... When he is awake he likes being smiled at and chatting with me, and lying on his playmat... Being carried around the house facing out... Sitting in bouncer and sucking on his fists. That’s about it!!

duckling3 · 18/01/2021 20:24

Thanks guys! I try my best to sleep pay with him as much as possible, but perhaps I don't need to worry quite so much. And will give some of those ideas a try 🙂

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Luhou · 24/02/2021 22:06


My daughter is nearly 4 months now and I feel that the days can sometimes drag too.

We spend a lot of our day playing with toys, musical ones are her favourite and singing nursery rhymes, sometimes I bath her during the day so it's one less thing to do in the evening when my husband is around, generally talk lots to baby about whatever I am doing and we go for our walk everyday and make an effort to video call a family member once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Hope that helps. Think the current times are testing. I cannot wait to get out!

Often by 3pm though we come lay on the bed and chill with some tv.

duckling3 · 25/02/2021 12:37

Your day sounds similar to mine. I'm just getting a bit bored, the days are very same-y at the moment. Can't wait til I can make plans for us to get out and about a bit.

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