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Is it time to get a job?

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Hopskipjumping · 30/05/2018 14:01

Or is it normal to go through periods of boredom and feeling unmotivated at home? I sometimes dream of dropping DD20 months off at a nursery and going to work. I would ideally only do 2-3 days and be available to do the school run for DS6.

Not sure if ill snap out of it or not. Just finding it very trying and boring being at home.

Dd is very demanding. Won't play herself. Im finding her playgroups boring, park boring, playing with toys boring. I used to put in 100% effort with her and now I seem to be lacking energy and motivation. Sometimes its tempting to put the tv on and just relax although I don't as I feel bad.

Wondering if others have been through this phase and what I can do to snap out of it.

I know I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to be with them everyday. Oh is currently working away and has been for 10 days now. I don't think thats helping as im quite lonely.

OP posts:
CorianderSnell · 03/06/2018 19:23

I frequently flip between feeling I really really need to get a job (when 2yo DS is running riot and I’m bored of all the housework and the older kids seem to just resent me and my constant nagging...) and feeling I can’t go back to 9to5 (when the sun is shining and DS and I are happily gardening together and I remember the horrors of being mind-numbingly bored at work, and performance reviews, and the fucking canteen, and dashing to the nursery to home to dinner to bed to start it all again...)

Here’s the thing though, there’s no harm applying for a job, so why not start looking and applying and seeing what’s out there. Perhaps you get an interview and you get to see what work might look like again, or even get an offer and then if you can sort out childcare you can give it a go. If you decide it’s not working for you all you can quit... (I’m assuming from the way you talk about getting a job that you don’t need one for income right now).

As for feeling inspired etc. again, tbh I would do the TV and a cup of tea and so on. Sit down for half an hour and try and enjoy the rest, see if you feel refreshed enough to try something new with DD. Challenge yourself to find a new group or class or place to go every week; they’re not all the same. Maybe find a gym with a crèche and see if she’ll play there whilst you do whatever to give your mind a break?

I have a DP who works away too and the monotony plus the lack of adult interaction plus the constant being on duty does wear you down. Little breaks where you can get them do help.

pla85 · 04/06/2018 18:50

I really hear you on this. My DD2 is 17.5 months. I've always worked after DD1 (9) I was back when she was 6 months. Unfortunately I got made redundant from my long term job in 2015. 2016 I got a temp job but I fell pregnant and managed to get mat pay so even though I had no job as such, I was still 'employed' till July last year. No money worries so it was great. Now I cannot get a job with fixed part time hours where I could afford the childcare Sad I sound awful but I hate being home all the time. Everyone I know works, there's a few playgroups I take her to but those are only an hour at a time. I long for adult company and to have my lunch in peace! Two days a week would be ideal but like I say there's nothing! Everything has to be flexible but I can't do that. Ugh. I feel bad that I'm complaining and no doubt when I do eventually get a job I'll wonder why I ever complained. My youngest DD is a 'high needs toddler' she's been high needs since she was born she had silent reflux and a milk allergy so that didn't help. She cries and whinges ALOT and I cannot get two seconds peace! Her sleep is shit too! Last night she was awake from 10.45 till well after 3am. I need a break!!! Sorry for the rant but I really know how you feel!

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