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Transition from FT to SAHP

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headinhands · 23/05/2018 17:53

It's all set. We've done the finances and can survive if we're careful. The reasons behind the decision are massive life events/issues iyswim.

My dc are quite big so won't be home a lot and when they are don't need standing over.

Has anyone been through this. Just worrying about the lack of adult company!

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InDubiousBattle · 23/05/2018 21:56

Are your dc in school? What kind of things do you like to do?

Annwithnoe · 30/05/2018 07:03

I haven’t, as I started staying at home with mine as babies. As much as I missed adult company I was just too swamped to go looking for it.
With the dc out at school, there are more opportunities to join groups, volunteer or take a class in the morning. There are lots of low cost and free opportunities if you look for them.
I would caution against filling every spare moment, particularly as it sounds like you might have some healing to do. But it is also good to have at least one activity you have to attend to keep you “anchored”.
Are there any particular interests you’d like to pursue?

headinhands · 30/05/2018 18:08

Thank you!

Yes I like the idea of one thing I have I to go to a week with people. I'm worried I'll lose all my social skills. That may sound daft but before I worked I felt quite shy socially but the job I did has improved that massively and I can talk to anyone now. I guess I'm going to have to make a point of engaging shop assistants etc. 😆

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headinhands · 30/05/2018 18:10

Sorry. Posted too soon. Yes I do feel like I need some healing time. I've run myself into the ground the last year and because I've suffered my children have been affected. Mainly it's the house, it's never tidy and I had no time decorate. I'm confident that as things get more organised I feel like I can get a full handle on the kids and their schooling etc.

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