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What do you feel goes above your role as sahp

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Mamabearx4 · 22/05/2018 15:31

1st time starting a thread, but ad enough of the attitude from teen no.2.

I have 4 kids all together at home (1dsd) ages from 17 to 1 year.

Now i am happy to do majority of housework (as much as possible with toddler)
I wrote a huge assay moaning and relised thats not what I'm posting about so heres the question

What jobs do you do that you feel you shouldn't do? what extends past parent job to slave (either kids based or partner based) and of course age related based (cant expected baby to wipe own bum)?

OP posts:
user1494670108 · 22/05/2018 15:48

I expect the rest of the house to act with consideration.
If they want laundry done then put it in the basket ready to be washed (no socks in balls etc), clear plates after a meal into dishwasher, lay table while I serve up. I'm working on them putting own laundry away. Pick up after themselves.
They're 13&10

Annwithnoe · 30/05/2018 07:08

I’d say it changes as they age. Right now I’m trying Hmm to get my lot to take responsibility for keeping their rooms and playroom. I expect the laundry to make its way into the hamper, but in time I’ll expect them to wash it or iron it.
I expect mine to bring me notes from school and not leave them languishing at the bottom of their bags, but in time I’ll expect them to keep the family calendar up to date.

What sort of things are you dealing with op?

CorianderSnell · 04/06/2018 22:33

So, my kids are between 8 and 2, so I don’t know about teens, but this is what I do/don’t do...

  • I do all cooking, but I don’t take requests, they get what they’re given. The bigger kids can fix their own cereal in the morning. As they get older I’ll try and get them doing a few more basic food things (making sandwiches/toast/eggs etc)

  • I insist on everyone carrying as much as they can in two hands from the table and then I do dishwasher or washing up. On weekends DP shares this with me.

  • I do a quick pick up of communal areas every day, but I don’t tidy their rooms, I get them to do that in the evenings when getting ready for bed, or on weekend mornings (they have to have clean rooms and made beds before the TV goes on).

  • I do all the kids laundry but expect them to put dirty clothes in the basket. I am forever reminding on this one, but hopefully they’ll get there eventually.

  • We have a cleaner who does bathroom cleaning and hoovering

  • I expect kids to get themselves and their school bags ready in the mornings, but I go through their homework folders with them in the evening to check for stuff I need to know.

  • I expect all coats and shoes to be put away when coming into the house. Kids are pretty good at this, DP not so much.

I used to feel I did stuff that was beyond what I should (mostly picking up after DP, leaving rubbish and old cups and things then going away to work for the week so no option but to clear after him...) but at the moment it feels like I’m getting somewhere with the kids and good habits (although they still whinge a lot when I ask them to lay the table or tidy stuff up).
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