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childcare good or bad?

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PasstheStarmix · 01/12/2017 14:06

Hello, just wondered if anybody has ever put they're babies in child care and now they found it? I've heard mixed reviews on the child care system and don't know what to do. I'm in a situation where we can either scrape by or go for the child care option and don't know what to do. Interested in hearing what your experiences are?

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PasstheStarmix · 01/12/2017 16:38

Thanks pp's very informative and helpful. A nonevent I agree with you I think I'd feel more comfortable also with a nursery with more staff and people around; I also prefer a younger age bracket and wouldn't want older kids in the mix. I wouldn't feel too uncomfortable with one childminder unless it was somebody I knew well.

I can understand why you'd stay working as you have a wonderful career and it's definitely a credit to yourself and something to be incredibly proud of. I just have a run of the mill 18-20k job. I'm handing my notice in the new year. Never utilised my qualifications even pre baby. I got stuck in a major rut!

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