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Should I feel guilty that dd won't be going to pre school before 3.5 yrs?!

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Pop24 · 29/06/2017 10:35

So to sum up we can't really afford to send dd ( she is 2) to pre school for even one or two mornings per week. I work on Saturdays (seasonaly) when dh is home so we don't pay childcare and he works away in the week and I'm full time He is training to be an accountant and his salary is just enough for us all to live frugally on. I've had a good group of other sahp friends who are in the same position but one by one have revealed that thier dcs will be starting pre schools soon for a couple of mornings per week. Dd will be 3 1/2 when we get our funding and will then go to pre school. I'm worried she will be held back by not going for that extra year, am I being paranoid? Should we try to make other sacrifices to send her even 3 hrs per week? We have savings from when we were earning more but that is a house deposit and I think more important for us as a family to not start to burn through it. Any other sahp out there who have had no other childcare until 3 and how did it effect kids starting school ect? Thanks

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thehairyhog · 05/03/2018 15:29

I’m specifically waiting til dd turns 3 to start her in nursery, as I am very much on the side of the research referred to above, that age 3 is the point it becomes roundly beneficial. Group care can be quite stressful for some children. Your dd is privileged to be at home with you! I get the pressure though, nursery is just a ‘thing’ now.


gluteustothemaximus · 05/03/2018 15:36

None of mine went to pre-school at all.

All very sociable happy kids.

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