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Infarcol : does it make your LO trump?!

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butterfly92 · 30/10/2016 14:50

Hi all. My son is two weeks tomorrow and he has suffered with awful wind according to midwife cos he had a blue tinge around his mouth and also showing signs such as clenching his fists/arching his back. Ive been giving him infacol for about 4 days and he does let out wind so much easier but he constantly trumps and also is starting to poo frequently (not runny, normal yellow poo about 2-3x a day). Is it normal for infacol to do this? Thankfully he is so much more settled now since being on Infacol but just wanted to make sure its not doing more harm than good. Thanks xx

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butterfly92 · 30/10/2016 14:51

I forgot to mention he is formula fed on cow & gate first infant milk and also having breast milk as well but mainly formula fed

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SissySpacekAteMyHamster · 30/10/2016 14:52

If it's getting rid of his wind, it's working!

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