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EvansAndThePrince · 12/07/2016 12:24

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, please point me in the right direction if not!
I'm just after pointers for doing a little bit of work from home, I left my job when I was 6 months pregnant with DD, who is now 15mo. I was a supervisor in a pub/restaurant chain so no proper qualifications but plenty of experience with the general public. DH is in a similar job but higher earning and currently supports us, we have a part ownership mortgage and I'm pregnant with baby #2. In the next 3 years or so our aim is to be able to move into a larger house as by then we will have used up every millimetre of space in our current place! Realistically what I need is to bring in £500 more a month to allow us to save that bit more for a decent deposit and then be able to afford the higher mortgage when the time comes.
I'd prefer to do this from in the home for several reasons, examples of which are that if I worked outside the home I would end up spending most of that money on childcare, our family are very rarely available for childcare, we want to move well out of area so I'd prefer something very easily transferable and most of all because we made the decision for me to be at home with the kids until they are in preschool at least.

Obviously with a new baby due in January it's not going to be the best time to start a new job, however I really am clueless about where to start so I would like to have an idea where I'm going so that once the new baby is at an age where I can get a bit of work done, I can get going reasonably quickly.

Interests of mine include baking (I do all the family birthday cakes and have been asked to do friends of family), most things child related (though not willing to do actual childcare) for example midwifery, infant feeding, baby wearing etc...and I'm sure other things that I can't think of off the top of my head. I would be more than willing to do online work too, though I'd prefer not to have to be on the phone a lot as typing while being "on call" for waking children is much easier than being on the phone. As for availability, evenings and two days midweek (when DH is off) are my best times as I can be child free.

Honestly any tips would be massively appreciated!

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EvansAndThePrince · 12/07/2016 20:07


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BendydickCuminsnatch · 12/07/2016 20:13

I am watching with interest, sorry I can't help.

I am a cake designer/maker, never know what to call myself! I work about the hours you're after but make nowhere near £500 a month (I could try harder though). I wouldn't recommend setting up by yourself unless you've worked as a cake decorator before. So I'm afraid that's probably not much help!

EvansAndThePrince · 12/07/2016 20:36

Oh I recognise your username! Smile no I don't think I could make nearly enough through cakes. My parents neighbour has been the go-to cake maker in town for a long time and has recently stopped so it's possible that with a few tips from I could bring in a little and do something else too though.

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