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Indoor activities?

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LadyAntonella · 13/06/2016 08:49

It's a foul morning here. Pouring rain and grey! Has anyone got any ideas of what I can do indoors with 18mo DD? We thought about swimming but I've just washed my hair and need to shave my legs Blush. Will do that tomorrow instead I think!


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NickyEds · 13/06/2016 13:52

Have a bath together. Make something with foot prints on for Father's Day. Nap!

NattyTile · 13/06/2016 14:08

Tie rags to her knees and mop the kitchen floor with her.

Make a drum kit out of your saucepans.

Give her a pile of clothes pegs and a plastic box so she can clip them onto the edge of the box and back.

Washing up bowl on the floor with loads of bubbles and hand an indoor paddle.

Make a den under the dining table and have afternoon tea with her teddies.

LadyAntonella · 14/06/2016 10:55

Thanks - lovely ideas! We ended up baking lemon biscuits in the morning (DD helped by standing beside me on a chair and chewing the lemons). Then we made a collage. It's another horrible day so we might use some of the ideas above.

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LadyAntonella · 14/06/2016 10:55

I also did have a nap yesterday... Was lovely.

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