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Not good at playing maybe do i need to be bossy

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lazyminimoo · 23/04/2016 21:14

Hi my sons 3 an 4 months and i think he's not very good at role plsy stuff as i make up games With his teddies but he's not a good play partner for me as he dosent want to follow my play . He wants to do his own thing not stick to my game. But the thing is I'm happy for him to do what he wants but i have read that you need to teach kids how to play or he won't learn . So not sure if he will get better at playing and using his imagination Unless i be bossy and show him but find it hard to as he dosent want to do things my way. An i didn't want to be bossy at all but i get anxious over his development and have been told you have to teach kids how to question i guess is how will he learn if i don't show him will he get better at using his imagination if i just leave him to play how he wants which to me is very very simple and he only plays simply this way now because of what Iv shown him. He didn't know about rockets an couldn't pretend something was a rocket until i did so should you teach them or leave them to it will they get more or out of play if i be bossy and show him .

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parrotonmyshoulder · 23/04/2016 21:28

You sound like you're trying really hard. The key is to join in with their play, play how they want, and gradually you can start to introduce your own ideas. Play alongside him, doing your own thing, and he might sometimes copy you. Then you can extend it further.

Another way is to commentate on what he is doing. So you sit on the floor near him and talk about what he's doing. 'Hey, that car is going really fast down the road. Oh no, it's going to crash! Phew, it stopped in time. The people inside are going shopping now...' and so on.

At other times, it's perfectly okay for him to do his own thing.

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