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ideas for a 20month old

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tryhard · 22/09/2015 14:16

Eldest has just started Reception and I've realised our little world must have revolved around him! DS2 and I are a little stuck for things to we go to 1 or 2 playgroups a week, a little half hour music class, a trip on the bus to big library in town and I try to take him swimming 1 day a week. He still needs a nap midday which limits us for big day trips out, anyone got any ideas for what else I can do with him? I'm feeling a little lost without my eldest structuring our day (apart from the school run!)

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LongRoadtoBakerStreet · 23/09/2015 17:10

Have you got a National Trust membership? NT places are often huge and dog poo free, they have loos/baby change and if you time it right you baby will have his nap in the pushchair while you drink tea in the cafe.

SlinkyB · 03/10/2015 10:43

Watching with interest, as am in exactly the same boat! We do have NT membership, but everywhere is a min 30 min drive away, and ds2 will only sleep in his cot, so it's a bit of a push with time.

Thebirdsneedseeds · 03/10/2015 10:49

We do the same as you. Trips to the park (seems like daily!), walk past the piggies or horses, drawing, hand painting, reading stories, driving to the harbour then looking at the boats etc. I think every day life is pretty engaging for them as long as you are including them in the activity. We go to fruit farm close by too and pick whatever is in season. It's a lovely activity but it depends on where you live I guess.

Interested to see other replies.

Thebirdsneedseeds · 03/10/2015 10:50

Also, coffees with other mums so he can play with other toys! He loves it!

MrsTedCrilly · 07/10/2015 08:34

Aww you're doing loads with him already! He's only 20 months, that sounds like a lovely life for him.

RookieDad · 24/10/2015 20:39

One thing missing from your schedule was soft play. All kids love soft play. That will keep you entertained for an hour or 2.

howabout · 26/10/2015 13:22

We did a Mum and toddler gymnastics class at that age which was great.

I have 2 older ones and tend to take advantage of my time alone with the wee one to do downtime and things at home. She loves me just to sit there while she potters with her lego and cars.

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