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Any breastfeeding experts? Mastitis

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notadoctor · 26/05/2015 19:13

Wondering if anyone can advise - posted on breastfeeding too but it's quite quiet on there.

I am still breastfeeding DS (14mo) and think I have mastitis. Bleurgh! Had it when both DC were teeny but thought those days were behind us. I've been feeling quite rough with a cold and sore throat for a week or so but today have one sore boob (no red patch though) and an achy, shivery and nauseous.

Any thoughts? Luckily both DC (my eldest is 3.5yo) are in nursery tomorrow (they both do 15hours) so can rest up a potentially see a Doc but I'd also appreciate tips on looking after them if I'm still ill with it later in the week - when they were babies and I had it we stayed in bed and cluster fed, not an option now!

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hideandseekpig · 26/05/2015 22:16

What worked for me was a nappy soaked in hot water to make a hot compress on the sore patch. Then express by hand if you can and try really pushing where you think the lump is to try and clear the blockage. Then put a cold compress on to soothe. Repeat until blockage is cleared.

If you've got a fever you really should go to the gp as well to get antibiotics to clear it up

Feel better soon!

CultureSucksDownWords · 26/05/2015 22:18

If you're feverish, get checked out at the GPs asap, as it's not going to get better on its own at that point.

notadoctor · 27/05/2015 08:46

Thank you all v much. Think I'm going to get checked out in the GP this morning, as temp still up... Will try the hot then cold compress technique too.

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5madthings · 27/05/2015 08:51

Combing breast with a wide toothed comb from under admit right down towards nipple also helped, make sure to di whole breast esp any lumpy bits that could be booked duct. It's good to do in bath or shower. Press firmly but gently with comb.

Plus compress, drink plenty abd feed as much as possible or express if toddler won't feed.

TheBooMonster · 27/05/2015 08:52

I'm just finishing a course of antibiotics for mastitis. Felt awful, pretty much like a nasty flu and the lump in my boob got huge because I left it a few days before seeing the doctor. Paracetamol and ibuprofen are your friend, they'll ease the pain and swelling a bit. I used a hot compress before and cold compress after feeds.

GingerFoxInAT0phat · 27/05/2015 08:58

I had Mastitis last year when feeding my 8 month old. Had cold like symptoms and also the red lines. I fed him like crazy switching positions a lot and it cleared up on its own.

notadoctor · 27/05/2015 10:57

Thanks all. Have just got back from the Docs - she's prescribed antibiotics because of the fever. Hopefully they'll kick in quickly!

OP posts:
Hillijx · 27/05/2015 14:23

I get blocked a lot but clear it mostly before fever but feeding/pumping with boob dangling down so gravity kicks in works wonders for me. Hope you get better soon x

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