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Do you still kiss?

24 replies

TerriB · 23/06/2003 16:33

This is something that has been niggling at me for some time now. Although dh and I still have a (occasional) sex life - once or twice a month, we very very rarely kiss anymore.

When we are out he will sometimes put his arm round me or hold my hand but even these events are rare. I miss the long lingering kisses we used to share. I know that 7 years of marriage and two children take their toll on a relationship and that you tend to take each other for granted, so am I being a bit selfish feeling like this, and is it something I have to learn to accept?

OP posts:

M2T · 23/06/2003 16:35

We very rarely 'snog' anymore, if that's what you mean?? We used to be down each others throats constantly.... now we're just at them! LOL

Nah... I was never a big fan of sloppy kisses anyway. And NO TONGUES ANYMORE THANKS!


pie · 23/06/2003 16:36

I know exactly what you mean, and to be honest some times a proper grown up kiss is something that I enjoy more than the sex.

I have asked DH to kiss me more, but he doesn't. Do men think that it is too adolescent or something? I wish I knew.

Of course DH uses the excuse that he has a pierced tongue (this never used to stop him though) and that it feels strange. Maybe I wouldn't mind that excuse if I benefited more from the tongue stud more than twice a year.

Ok, too much info huh?


TerriB · 23/06/2003 16:38

I wouldn't even mind an affectionate peck, but I don't get that either!!

OP posts:

SamboM · 23/06/2003 16:39

Had a lovely snog last night in fact. We don't do it nearly as much as we did at first of course, but after 14 years we both still enjoy a good snog every so often (not usually in public though!)


TerriB · 23/06/2003 16:40

Pie - I have always been intrigued to know if it is really as 'interesting' experience as I have heard!!!!

OP posts:

M2T · 23/06/2003 16:43

Am I the only woman here that DOESN'T want anymore kissing?? And YUCK.... tongues???

However.... the tongue stud thingy..... hmmm now that does sound good.


SamboM · 23/06/2003 16:44

M2T, why don't you like tongues? Does your DP smoke or something? I must say I love a good pissed snog too! (sound like a right slapper don't I!!!)


M2T · 23/06/2003 16:50

We both smoke Sambo so it's not that.... I dunno it's just something I have enver liked much. Tongues are best used for 'other activities'.

You only sound like a slapper if the pissed snogs you lurrrv so much are not with your dh!!


SamboM · 23/06/2003 16:52

They are with him


TerriB · 23/06/2003 16:59

Do you know, I was mulling over this whilst I made the kids tea and I remembered, not long ago, dh came home from work, I opened the door to him he just stood there leaning forward slightly, and I just stared blankly back at him and he said 'Oh, OK don't kiss me then'. It had been such a long time since we kissed hello that I just didn't know what he meant. Sad or what?!!

OP posts:

M2T · 23/06/2003 17:02

DP and I always kiss hello/good bye and good night etc etc but that just pecks on the mouth... I can't remember the last time we actually snogged whilst we were sober!


breeze · 23/06/2003 17:17

DH always kisses me when he goes to work and when he gets in from work.

Agree that we don't snog as much as we used to, but still do it a bit.

M2T, what is wrong with you girl, unless you had a bad experience as a teenager when someone tried to stick it right down your throat.


pie · 23/06/2003 17:19

Well as a couple of you are curious...erm, how slowly can I type O H M Y G O D???

When we first met I would have such an out of body experience a couple of times a week, I mean I cried man.

But for the past 18 months, birthday and wedding anniversary only I have no idea why as nothing else has changed, sex wise. Maybe he's holding back as I won't get mine done.

Is there no one else here whose loved one has a pleasure bolt?


TerriB · 23/06/2003 17:26

Right - I don't care how painful it is - dh is having one done for my next birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:

mears · 23/06/2003 18:21

I have been married for nearly 18 years and still have lovely long passionate kisses with dh when the mood takes us. Youngest child is now 9 years old and we have only been doing that again for the past year or so. Worth doing - rekindles that flame that almost went out when the children were little


codswallop · 23/06/2003 18:29

I am always worried that if dh leaves the house without a cursory peck on the cheek , he will die and I will be forever regretting it! I have watched too many tv movies.

Mind you there was no kiss when he went to Birmingham last night gRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


nerdgirl · 23/06/2003 19:09

We've been married for ten years and still enjoy a good snog but not in public anymore. Oh, except at the cinema!

Have to say I'd really miss it if the passionate kissing died out.


Furball · 23/06/2003 22:22

No pecking or snogging in our house - Not me, him. Don't ask about the sex side of things, thats even worse. On a more positive note, we do get on very, very well. But a good snog AND shag would be nice once in a while.


snickers · 23/06/2003 22:59

We snog - although I know that DH thinks that a good snog means preamble to sex! But occasionally we just have a passionate kiss. I agree that it often gets forgotten about unless you are in the middle of passion so to speak - but when I get the surprise passionate snog whilst in the middle of something boring like cooking dinner, or whatever - it can really make your tummy flip, like when you first started dating! Mmmmmmmmmm! Let's vote this "national kissing week" and start the trend!


M2T · 24/06/2003 07:55

Breeze - there were many "tongue-a-bit-too-far-down-the-throat" episodes in my teens which left me gagging! But thats not it..... dunno what it is. He does drink an awful lot of coffee, which doesn't help!


mmm · 25/06/2003 08:11

Of course not - yuck ! (but I wish we did)


nobby · 25/06/2003 19:54

Ooooh, just saw this one - been away. God, I couldn't cope with not kissing. It's one of life's big pleasures. Luckily dh and I are well and truly out of a recent bad patch and lingering kisses are back on. Hooray.


arabella2 · 26/06/2003 11:46

TerriB, we NEVER kiss either and we have been together 7 years as well. I really miss it but it is dh who shows absolutely no interest. I think it might be the possible intimacy that scares men away - it's easy to be like that at the beginning (and we used to share lovely kisses) but real life takes over. I must admit I think our relationship would be a lot better if it was more physical on a day to day basis as I would feel a lot more loved. Dh would feel a lot more loved if I made him cups of tea... so there you go, men want tea, women want romance. I watched ER last night and I have to say that I am quite jealous of Abby, Carter is lovely, very attentive and caring and now he wants them to get married. My dh is totally unromantic. We only got married because of ds when I was 6 months pregnant and something like a ring would never cross his mind. He thinks all of that is total rubbish. Sorry, this is turning into a moan about dh thread...


ThomCat · 26/06/2003 12:49

We do kiss but mainly when I ask, I get a kiss on the lips and say, no not like that and pull him into an embrace which is lovely, just wish it wasn't always asked for. When we do snog it always ends in sex so maybe he thiks he'll leave the snog because he's not up for a shag at that moment??? I love kissing and as I don't get it as much as I ideally like my little girls gets kissed constantly!! I know that doesn't compare with a great snog from the man you love but hey it's still kissing someone you adore!

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