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mil stress!! - am i being paranoid?

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Joso · 16/06/2003 10:35

Ok this might sound slightly petty but just wandered what anyone else thought about this. My mil takes care of my one year old dd one day a week. On these days I had this bizaare paranoia that she was dressing her up in a different outfit to the one that I dressed her in that morning. The reason for this is that I know she keeps a few items of clothing for her at her house but she also mentions clothes that's she's bought for her that I never actually see. Then this weekend my mil & fil showed me some video that they taken of my DD and to confirm my suspicions she was wearing this completely different outfit and it really pissed me off!! Am I being unreasonable or is this completey out-of-order??

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sobernow · 18/06/2003 00:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tallulah · 18/06/2003 21:35

I can identify with most of this- gulp!

My MIL has also done the she's teething (it's eczema) she's tired (she's hungry) routine, until I could slap her! DH once went up to check on DD (aged about 3 months?) & came back to say that she was asleep but her eyes were open. MIL's immediate comment "Liar" (weird or what?).

She used to also have this really irritating habit of picking up DD when she was a toddler & smoothing her fringe over to the side with her hand, EVERY time. As I'd have just spent ages carefully brushing it around her face, this would instantly undo it.

Then there were the hundreds of photos of her taken "with Nanny" and "with grandad"; never with mummy- or daddy- which we were never ever shown; but every time they looked at our photos they asked for a set.

It's the little things that drive you crazy.

Rags · 21/06/2003 07:52

sorry to say this but I think getting upset cause your mil changes your daughters clothes a bit silly. so she likes the whole dressing up game. If your mil gave you the clothes would you not feel obliged to put your daughter in them when she had her for the day. If your mil tastes are really that bad you only have to wait a few years then either your daughter will be at an age where getting changed every five minutes will become a real pain or it's one lot of clothes you don't have to mend or replace.
I work from home so I don't really need a childminder but I would love to go out occasionally. I have 2 boys and my mother will have them to stay over but only one at a time cause having both would "drive her round the bend", so I don't go out because I still always have 1 at home. I don't have the problem of mil's cause mine passed away, i just have the mother problem, when ever I told the kids off for being naughty, ie, don't keep jumping on the bed cause the springs will go & I can't afford to buy a new one she would turn round and say "you used to do it when you were their age" and this was always said when I tried to correct the kids until one day I snapped and turned round and said "yes and I got a b***king for it aswell". because of my I wont take anymore crap attitude and constant nastiness from my mother my kids haven't seen her for 5 weeks (she lives walking distance from us)this is not my doing, I told her I didn't want to see her anymore and she said "oh well you and the kids will lose out".

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