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ForestFly · 12/06/2003 00:13

My partner left me three weeks ago, when i was going through the very depressing grieving time(the shocked moment) i wrote on mumsnet every ten minutes,I didn't want to speak to anyone that i knew, they would have told me things i didn't want to hear. I just wanted to sit at home on my computer and cry. I am feeling a lot better now, but my point is i am so proud to have found this web. you have all got me through a terrible time,in the first moments,before i could start living again. Thankyou

OP posts:

M2T · 12/06/2003 08:15

How are you feeling now?


Gillam · 12/06/2003 11:43

I hope you are feeling much better now. I have posted some replies on various threads in hope to help people. And I am currently going through a bit of a tricky patch with my partner and it is at a point that it is make or break time I think. It is very dificult, but reading some of the threads has helped me understand different points.

Yes I agree it is nice to hear points from people you don't know!


sykes · 12/06/2003 11:45

Agree wtih that. Glad you're feeling better ForestFly, can't say that I've moved on much. Still have to leave our joint answer message on the phone in case his mother calls - she's ill and still doesn't know. sounds silly but I want his name off my machine ....


ForestFly · 12/06/2003 12:06

I am feeling pretty good, it has been a bit like labour, painfull at the time but so worth it ! Now i am at the otherside a part of me has come back that i lost years ago, not the mummy, or the doormat, but me!!!!! I am also relieved that he is not my responsibility anymore, because he needed a lot. It is now my turn! Thankyou to M2T, and Sykes you both really helped. I know what you mean about the answering machine, it is hard to let go.His belongings are still here but he doesn't deserve any sentiment off me, hes lost that luxury. If we were meant to be together then he would still be here, hes not, so im going to find a better love! Whats going on with you gillam?

OP posts:

sykes · 12/06/2003 12:08

You sound great - can I have some of whatever you've had??


M2T · 12/06/2003 12:14

Sykes - she's quite clearly been drinking.

Great news FF.


ForestFly · 12/06/2003 12:18

He's had the babies for two days!:0

OP posts:

Gillam · 12/06/2003 12:20

Forestfly - We have an 11 month old son and he doesn't sleep through the night, have tried everything but he still wakes anout 4times in the night (just got a very active mind) tried no sleep in the day and it doesn't make any difference. I was the same when I was a baby too! I think the tiredness can be alot of our problems but we get on so great and are so close but then every so often we are both so tired and we bite at the smallest of things! The hormones in the pregancy are where alot of our rows started and now I think it is the tiredness! The troble is when we have a row then every problem or the smallest of thing is dragged up and escalated into the biggest of problems! My DH has an 11 year old daughter and this time (again) he has told me that since our DS has come along I don't care about his DD and this that and the other etc!! I do care and I have taken on alot. It is hard to take on someone elses child - but never the less I have and I have always classed her as my own and do everything for her. It is then very hurtful to be told you don't care!

I got a bit touchy the other day as we have all been ill with a bug and my Dh txt me to say that he had txt his ex to tell her that his dd could well be ill too (this I did not mind obviously!) but then he said oh I hope my ex gets it too this will teach her! I got touchy towards this as he quite often talks about his ex and gives little comments. I don't see why he bothers to, they did finish 11 years ago!! I have since apologised and stated that I may have taken the txt the wrong way, and he has apologised for going off his head at me about it all! But he tells me I should trust him (which i do) and that he has no feeling for his ex!

So thats about all of my problems at the moment.

I am hopefully going back home tonight and I just hope things have calmed down. May sound all out of proportion to most!


sykes · 12/06/2003 12:51

Also, how are your children? That's what I find so hard - eldest is REALLY missing daddy.


mammya · 12/06/2003 23:47

ForestFly, I am glad you are feeling more positive. I'd been wondering how you were getting on. Isn't mumsnet just great?

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