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Please be honest - am I being reasonable??

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susanb · 11/06/2003 22:12

I will try to keep this brief. 18 months ago, dp bought himself a motorbike, we could afford it and he has always loved bikes, selling his first one when we moved for financial reasons. It came in really handy as we only have one car. A couple of weeks ago he decided he wanted to sell it because he's fed up maintaining it (we haven't spent alot of money on it, but he's forever doing stuff to it) and somebody bought it for more or less what he paid so we didn't lose out.

Anyway, over the last couple of months, I've seriously been considering a big life change by applying to go back to University to do a degree which means we'll be slightly worse off than we are now (plus we'll probably have to get another cheap car for dp to use as a runaround). A while back, when we were first discussing this, dp said if ever we needed money for more important things like this, he would go without a bike which I would expect him to say.

Basically, he is now talking about buying a cheap motorbike, so we'll have some extra money in the bank but he still insists he wants some sort of bike. My argument is that its really not necessary; because I'm giving up my job, we may be worse off when I start university so my philosphy is to get as much saved in the bank as possible to fall back on. Dp is convinced we won't be that badly off anyway and says he really enjoys the bike and that its his hobby. I have to say that he spends very little on anything else (doesn't drink alot, doesn't smoke and buys clothes only when his others are falling apart!)

Its not that I begrudge him having a bike, its just the financial implications and I think that £1500 is far better off in the bank at the moment until we know how badly off we're going to be.

To be honest, reading back over the post, it sounds really petty and you're probably thinking whats the big deal?! But I think, its more the principle of the thing, its not that its a bike, its that he seems more concerned with having his precious bike for a hobby than anything else. Whereas I think he should grow up!

Can I also say, that he's totally supportive of me going to Uni and in every other way is very careful with money. So, do you think I should give in? Or am I right?

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sobernow · 14/06/2003 22:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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