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Dp overcome with grief...... What can I do??

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M2T · 09/06/2003 08:59

My dp lost his Aunt 2 weeks ago who he was very very close to. She had lived with his parents since he was a child and her death was so sudden! We are all in shock. His family live 400 miles away and we don't drive so he has felt very isolated. He spent all last week with his family and the funeral was on Thursday.

However, he returned home on Friday night and he seemed fine. Obviously he is still sad and grieving but he was quite together. Then on Sunday we were supposed to go out for the day with my family. We had a silly row.... and very small row and he burst into tears. He said he wasn't ready to go out to have fun... that he felt that it was wrong that he has a laugh!

He was really quite hysterical. I know he is devastated about his Aunt,but how can I male him see that life HAS to go on?? Our ds has missed his daddy so much and now he's home he cant cope with spending time with us!

I have no idea what to do. I got so frustrated with him yesterday that I eventually said that he was just feeling sorry for himself and he had to pull himself together. I mean, it's ok to cry, but to let your grief consume every part of your life???

He's back at work today, but I have a feeling he will be sent home.

I have no experience (THANKFULLY!) of losing a very close member of my family so I really am in new territory here.


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whymummy · 11/06/2003 08:23

men are m2t my dh never phones his family, encourage him to do so, the more he talks to them the better he`ll feel,lots of hugs xxx

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