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organising party with over pushy mother

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mixedupmum · 01/06/2003 12:19

one of my best friends is moving away. I would love to organise a leaving do for her and her dd. Hovever interfering-mum has caught hold of this, and I'm now finding it hard to get other mums involved/keen as interfering-mum has put their backs up in the past. Half of me says - do the party its for your friend (who by the way doesn't like interferingmum), and half says stay well clear of the politics, and arrange day outing.

OP posts:

codswallop · 01/06/2003 12:22

HOw is she interfering?


tigermoth · 01/06/2003 13:23

any chance of making the day outing into leaving do as well - or tag a very informal leaving do bit onto the end of the day trip. And sort of forget to tell interfering mum?

If your friend really, really can't stand interfering mum it seems a shame to invite her to your friend's leaving party. Anyway, being practical, you need the support of other mothers in organising any leaving do, and if this is not forthcoming because of interfering mum then you have little choice but to bypass her.


mixedupmum · 01/06/2003 14:07

codswallop - she's already organised the place, date and time. I know she means well, but she has put a lot of other mums backsup, and I don't want them to boycott my friends leaving do because she's helped organise it. I'm just finding this so hard as is many ways I like her get-up-and-go but I see why she rubs people up the wrong way. She has a lot of time on her hand s and she wants to be involved in everything that going.

OP posts:

eidsvold · 01/06/2003 18:48

I am just thinking that they need to remember what this is all about - a going away party for their friend and imagine how disappointed their friend would be if they stayed away because they didn't like interferingmum. I feel it is a little petty - sure she has annoyed them but looking at it another way - if she does all the organising - you can all go along and have a good time without having to do all the work.

It would be a real shame if they boycotted it because of one person.

not sure if that is a help.

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