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Who have we been told we look like?!

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ForestFly · 26/05/2003 20:39

A good day Drew Barrymore!
A bad day Eddie Izzard!

OP posts:
EJsMum · 26/05/2003 21:08

LOL !!!

DH thinks I look like Cameron Diaz, but then he was several sheets to the wind....

Naughtynoonoo · 26/05/2003 21:10

My dd (21 months) calls Mummy to the screen when Davina Mc comes on for Big Brother.

ForestFly · 26/05/2003 21:21

Actually revising that, my ds' picked up a photo and said why you in the paper. It was Kelly Osborne! (a very nice picture actually!)
Well done for the Dav. comment shes very sexy!

OP posts:
ForestFly · 26/05/2003 21:23

Ej's mum i think its about time he became an alchoholic, you stunner!

OP posts:
EJsMum · 26/05/2003 21:33

They do say love is blind........

mmm · 27/05/2003 07:47

a sheep !

milch · 28/05/2003 15:38

Not my kids!

Tillysmummy · 28/05/2003 16:02

That girl from Mission Impossible 2 (dark girl)? and today in the office some smooth sales guy (Yuk!) said Lucy Liu. My opinion - often like s**t !

happyspider · 28/05/2003 21:55

u look "like you just had a rough night out love"
my very very dh after I have spent the last few nights making frequent trips to the loo.
Guess nature way to get me used to the sleepless nights ahead of me ( I am due next week...)

bunny2 · 29/05/2003 10:48

If ds sees a pic of J Lo or Liz Hurley in a magazine, he points and says Mummy. Very flattering but I think I should get his eyes checked.

Jimjams · 29/05/2003 11:10

My Ds1 (4) always calls action man "daddy"- I wish!

motherinferior · 29/05/2003 11:12

DD said Daddy to Saddam Hussein on the telly a while back...

lou33 · 29/05/2003 11:33

My son pointed to Alfie's nan in Eastenders and said "mummy". Off to find a paper bag now.

spacemonkey · 29/05/2003 12:32


ForestFly · 29/05/2003 12:45

A bitch at the moment!!

OP posts:
Saskia909 · 04/06/2003 20:41

Right now? The Millenium Dome.

Finbar · 04/06/2003 22:11

Anita bloody Harris!!
oh yes and Sue of Mel and Sue fame - the gay one who was in Celeb Big brother

charliecat · 04/06/2003 23:25

I often look in the mirror and think of Jade from bb.....gulp, just the body shape though honest

lou33 · 05/06/2003 00:46

Judge Judy today ...sighs. Is that an improvement on Alfie's nan? I think he needs his glasses rechecked.

binker · 05/06/2003 12:28

yesterday,my husband looked at my new passport picture which I think is dreadful (I think I look very stern) and said I looked a bit like Dr Lewis in ER which pleased me hugely as she's my favourite (and looks nice too)- felt much better !!!!

Dahlia · 05/06/2003 12:42

Marilyn Monroe.
Denise Welch (used to be on Corra, now does horrific settee adverts).
At the moment a blonde Dawn French.

Boe · 05/06/2003 12:51

I only ever get that I look like Lisa Stansfield (!!! She is loads older thanme and about half the size of me!!) or Davina McCall - but she always seems to be pregnant - and I must say her bump is growing at an alarming rate has she found a way of speeding up the gestation period or what!!

marialuisa · 05/06/2003 12:53

Tamsin Outhwaite, meant as a compliment by friend's DH, leapt upon as an insult by my own!

Caterina · 05/06/2003 23:56

Steffi Graf, hope body, not face though.

Now I look more like a cross between Steffi Graf and Vanessa Felz pre diet.
Sprog will drop soon hopefully though...

whymummy · 06/06/2003 13:20

yesterday in amsterdam i man said i looked like a movie star called "something van de whatever" i was really pleased until he added that she does porn movies,eeeeeeeek

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