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while dh is away..

16 replies

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 19:52

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

futurity · 21/05/2003 20:00

Tell me more about the oven cleaning man! Just found website but no prices?


meanmum · 21/05/2003 20:32

I throw all of the junk he collects out when he isn't looking. He stores things in places he doesn't think I'll find them and when I do I go through the same old routine of where did you get it, what do you want it for, why are we keeping it, does it have to be kept there and so on. In our area of London people throw out the most amazing things and even though he has brought back some great stuff, fridge, stereo, tv and so on a lot of the stuff he brings home is just junk. Things like white medical floor tiles, copper piping and so on. He is a hoarder and I'm not so that is probably one of the main things we argue about.

I'm always getting the cleaner in to do my ironing and not telling him.

When I think about it there are loads of things I don't tell him about. There is also the £500 in parking fines I racked up that I haven't told him about but have just paid.


wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 20:41

how sneaky you all are!
edgarcat, along the lines of the "throw out your microwave if it smells" advice presented to you by another poster, may I recommend you to "buy an aga and never have to clean the oven again". Bargain at about £7,000. Luckily mine came with the house, but it is a joy not having a revolting job like that festering quietly in the corner of the kitchen.


wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 20:43

actually, I've just thought. I wax. Can't do it with him in the house - so inelegant if he were to walk in on me struggling with my bikini line...


WideWebWitch · 21/05/2003 20:46

wiltshirelass at your 'buy an aga' advice. Edgarcat, I too would like to know about the oven cleaning man. I tell dp everything but it's so boring sometimes I bet he wishes I didn't.


Mum2Toby · 21/05/2003 20:58

While dp is away I get my boyfriend around for a bit of passion.

Then he cleans the oven for free.


motherinferior · 22/05/2003 12:29

I eat everything he doesn't like, in vast quantities, and watch all the telly he also doesn't like.

Have not contemplated our oven for a long time. Suspect dp does it, as it appears not too appalling.


edgarcat · 22/05/2003 12:32

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

Holly02 · 22/05/2003 13:04

I get an ironing lady to do all the ironing while dh is away, so I don't have to do it myself. And I try to make sure it's a big pile.

Motherinferior, I also eat food that dh doesn't like when he's away (like curry). I usually take the opportunity to hire out a 'chick flick' video too, so that I can watch it in peace without comments from dh like, "I see you're watching one of your Women's Weekly movies again." - GGRRRR.


Finbar · 22/05/2003 13:05

Definitely watch allthe telly he doens't like - luckliy with Casualty/Holby City it's pretty easy to pick up the story lines!!

Also Crossing over with John Edwards on Living TV - (the programme is about john edwards - i don't watch it with him!!)


edgarcat · 22/05/2003 13:08

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

XAusted · 22/05/2003 13:14

  1. Eat lots of pasta (dh doesn't like it)

2. Rent lots of chick flicks to watch

Tetley · 22/05/2003 13:49

XAusted - I'm a pasta eater too! I thought my dh was the only person in the world not to like pasta, but I'm obviously wrong! Still can't understand why anyone can't like pasta though.....


easy · 22/05/2003 15:04

I have crisp sandwiches for supper. My dh cannot understand how anyone can eat something so unhealthy, and believes I have completely given them up (it was part of my staple diet before we were married)


oxocube · 22/05/2003 16:12

I go food shopping with ds (nrly 8) and when the two younger ones are in bed, we cook scrummy things like duck and plum sauce, then gorge ourselves stupid whilst watching blockbusters like 'Titanic'. Also get into pyjamas at ridiculous times (like 6.30!). Forgot to mention the wine, but that goes without saying Oh and also play chess with ds who usually hammers me esp after the wine (me, not him!) Generally, I find the younger kids take up lots of my time, so over compensate with ds1 when dh is away.


Batters · 23/05/2003 12:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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