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What caused your past relationships to end?

2 replies

bouncy · 19/04/2003 10:34

My friend has recently left her partner of 3 years, because she no longer feels the spark between them, they do not have an children. I was just curious as to what other caused there are for relationships to end. I know some people have more of a tollerance level. Whats you.

OP posts:

breeze · 19/04/2003 17:03

I ended it with an ex because I also felt the spark was gone, I couldn't be bothered to go anywhere with him and it all just got into a very boring routine.

Another ended because my ex didn't trust me and used to have people follow me when I went out with the girls.

Lucky now I have DH, who I wouldn't swap for anything.


breeze · 19/04/2003 17:07

Remember dumping someone aged 14 because he hate short fat ugly fingers.

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