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How to end a friendship?

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breeze · 09/04/2003 09:34

Inspired by another thread to ask this question. I feel like I want to end a friendship, but not sure if I am being fair and sure you will be honest with me.

I have been friends with betty since college, kind of took her under my wing because she was getting picked on because she had red cheeks and frizzy uncontrolable hair.

Until the age of 21 she never had a boyfriend, she was/is very introverted and never went out to the pub or anything, she met her dh at aged 21 and got engaged after 18 months, it then came about that her fiancee had cheater on her for the last 12 months. They had a slight row and she forgave him, I was the chief bridesmaid and we feel out for a while because I told her she should get rid, but because she has a low self confidence she stuck with him.

We have been friends for 13 years. We try to meet up once a month for dinner with her dh and mine. These are very hard work and I dread it and have cancelled a few. The last time we got together she got drunk and decided to fillmy DH in on what I was like at 18, "There was me sitting in every weekend while I was out partying with a different boyfriend every month" (exaggerating), she even went into details, I was upstairs at the time reading a story to DS. (luckily DH knows about it), I heard him saying "I do not really want to hear about this", but she was too bladdered to understand.

They have been trying for a child for 4 years and both have fertility problems. When I told her I was pregnant, she burst into tears and told me its not fair. Since that day I can not even mention having a bad day as I am lucky to have one. I do not work so my life is surrounded by my son and feel as though I can not even mention his name.

While I suffered from PND I broke down one day and while I was in the loo I heard her moaning to DH about what have I got to be depressed about, I have the full package.

I no longer feel I get anything from this friendship but because if the way she is, I know she doesn't have any other friend except someone she used to live next door to that moved away.

I have tried to tell her how I feel, but she laughs it off and I do not think it is worth the hassel. Kinder to stop phoning rather than having the "our friendship has run its course" conversation.

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Moomin · 24/04/2003 23:26

BTW, hi Droile. Hope you are OK.

Clarinet60 · 24/04/2003 23:51

Hi Moomin, yes, I'm fine. Hope you are too.

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