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Misty2007 · 06/08/2022 10:07

Good morning,
I am wondering if I can get some advice.
My partner and I have been together around three years. At first he was very much the one, looking to the future and wanting to plan etc. As the relationship has gone on, obviously I want this too. We both have children from previous relationships.
I have a good job with the NHS but am by no means finally well off. My partner has three businesses and I want for nothing.
This has never been an anchorage for me as I have always been self sufficient and I genuinely love my partner to bits.
So I have broached the subject of living together. We quarrelled over it as he said yes that's fine, but you will need to raise 20,000 for a new mortgage.
I was genuinely surprised and I've never expected anything. But there is absolutely no way I can do this.
He has since told me to slow down and chill out. And why do we need to be under the same roof? It's really hurt me to be honest. I have had quite a horrible experience in the past and never thought I would love and want to be with someone.
I am genuinely committed. But My impression is now that he is not.
I really want to leave, and I think he will continue in this mindset. This is not what I want at all. The children love eachother.
I'm clearly the only one sad about this. Last night he was completely unreasonable and point blank refused to plan. Because 'this is where he's at' and that's final.
So I know this may sound ridiculous, but I feel so disappointed that I have been kind of mislead.
I haven't seen him for a week now because he's angry? And I am a bit confused how I have caused all this x

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mdh2020 · 06/08/2022 10:28

I’m afraid you need to put an end to this relationship. He clearly doesn’t want the sort of relationship you want. I suspect he is probably seeing someone else . You need to ditch him and find someone who loves you to bits.

Misty2007 · 06/08/2022 10:33

Yeah what a massive turn around isn't it?
I'm very confused with it.
And I know your right

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