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Court support/ advice - child access

TitaniumTess · 27/06/2022 21:58

Hi, the summary is that late 2020, I asked my not-so-nice partner to leave the house. He eventually did 6 months later.

Although he was emotionally abusive to me, and not particularly great with our child, I was scared of him when he was leaving and also figured that our child having a Dad was a good idea.

Fast forward a year and the house is calm
My ex sees our son 4 nights out of 14. Drop offs take ages. At times, my ex has shouted on the driveway and talked about lots of things that he shouldn't have in front of our child. He's sent a number of harrassing texts in the last year. I've got all of them. I've also logged various issues with 101.

My ex refused to sign a parenting plan that I drafted. I turned down a recent offer to mediate, given the abuse. I have recently been invited to a Cafcass appointment as my ex is taking me to court. I am not sure why. I keep trying to get the court papers but the courts just keep saying that they've sent them.

My solicitor today sent a bill for a chat which I thought was a quick 'now what?' and appointment scheduling- over £300.

Does anyone have any advice, please?
I don't want to see my ex in court really.
I am starting to wonder about representing myself as the solicitor seems to be over-charging.
I've got good diaries and records ref what happened. It all feels out of control.

This just feels like another chapter of being stuck in a vortex with the ex.

Has anyone got any practical advice please? I've been seeing a trauma counsellor and using the Melanie Evans books. Thanks xxxxx

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