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Jane Austen's Guide to Dating

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busybusybee · 26/10/2005 20:50

Jane Austen's Guide to Dating - by Lauren Henderson

I bought this today - its mainly aimed at single people and couples pre marriage

Its really good and has certainly helped me to assess my behaviour etc. There is a quiz in the back to establish which of Janes female characters you are most like and then find out whether your dh is a Mr Darcy or a Mr Wickham

Highly reccomended by me!!! but definitely for Jane Austen fans only

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busybusybee · 26/10/2005 20:52


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motherinferior · 26/10/2005 20:54

I would like to be Lydia Bennett or better still Mary Crawford, but fear I am more of a Mrs Bennett. I might manage at best to be Mrs Weston.

busybusybee · 26/10/2005 21:17

I am really disappointed to find out that apparantly I am a Mary Crawford - I wanted to be an Elizabeth Bennett

Dh is of course Mr Darcy!

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