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prettyfly1 · 25/10/2005 17:01

has anyone got any experience of dating sites, how did it go for you, any positive experiences out there?????????

OP posts:
MassacreOHara · 25/10/2005 17:03

yes and it was great fun. Harmless and a boost for the self esteem. Never met anyone that I would have a serious relationship with and you do have to be a bit careful!

E.G use an internet account instead of your home one. I had one bloke who just kept emailing (luckily mine was an internet mail account that didn't show my name only initials so I wasn't really bothered)

blueteddy · 25/10/2005 17:14

Message withdrawn

prettyfly1 · 25/10/2005 17:41

kinda already signed up and there is someone nice. been talking for a few weeks and he seems great just not too sure where to go from here really. keep having visions of him notlooking like his (very attractive) photo. and more closely resembling shrek.

OP posts:
blueteddy · 25/10/2005 17:57

Message withdrawn

AuntyQuated · 25/10/2005 18:01

i was going to post tonight asking about sites...

a friend his coming tio stay for a few days and he really wnats to meet someone... can anyone recommend any sites, not necessarily free but not 'costa-fortune'. we are going to try and sort it out when he is here

Nightynight · 25/10/2005 18:05

Ive posted it before but meetic is quite good, you can chat without paying a sub and there is a wide range of people on it. cant vouch for their weirdness though.

Phaedria · 26/10/2005 09:30

I recently went to a close friends wedding - she met her husband on an e-date! It can work

wallopyCOD · 26/10/2005 09:31

my chiropsidst met someone on the freinds reunited site

spookylips · 26/10/2005 09:34

my mum is on the ... she had to pay £15.00 per month but the amount of men that she had spoken to is good and she had now met 3 (still searching)

spookylips · 26/10/2005 09:36

even though it day to join free!! - i dont know about the £15.00 pm one probably to meet more men

cadburygirl · 26/10/2005 10:08

Two of my closest friends met their boyfriends on datingdirect. One of them is about to get married. The guys are both nice.

Listmaker · 26/10/2005 11:53

I met my dp on-line too. We've been together just over a year and he's the best thing that's ever happened to me (apart from my dds of course!). I would never have believed it would happen to me. Mostly got contacted by idiots, met one bloke but no spark there, gave up for 6 months, tried again for a laugh and there was my man!! I used friends reunited dating site and it wasn't very expensive. Go to friends reunited and click on the dating tab. I know another friend who met a man on there too and they are very happy. Give it a whirl!!

prettyfly1 · 26/10/2005 12:42

glad to hear so many positive stories, is good

OP posts:
flutterbee · 26/10/2005 12:45

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

stripeybumpsmum · 26/10/2005 20:23

I'd recommend it ! for me and couple of friends(admittedly I looked on site for a bet but ended up with fabulous DH) Was very sceptical but took view that e-dating was just like dealing with estate agency. You tell them what you want and they show you a few possibles (and a few definitley nots) and you decide yourself. You wouldn't knock on someone's door to ask if their house was for sale so stumbling across someone looking for a relationship is the same, pretty hard - at least by e-dating you know they are on the market as it were. Yes, you do have to be careful - as with houses, some people are there to find out only what they are worth but the majority are well intentioned. And for some people, they should have a people version of 'House Doctor!'

Good luck

prettyfly1 · 27/10/2005 00:08

flutterbee congrats. there is someone and i like him but i think planning our first child is a little premature! l.o.l never know in the future though! i too was only on there for a bet!

OP posts:
dottee · 27/10/2005 20:13

This is me on Midsummerseve. I joined in August and have had three dates plus another one a week on Sunday. So far I haven't met a long-term partner yet but I really enjoyed going on a meet-up last weekend to Derbyshire which I really enjoyed.

I'm on Datingdirect but much prefer MSE and it's free if you do not take their Essentials package.

RainbowWalker · 27/10/2005 20:20

After 2 years of online dating off and on, I met up with an ex work colleague in July 2003, (we'd worked together 9 years before) by pure chance (he was outside my geographical area too and not someone I'd have considered seeing as he was in Essex and I was in Hampshire) yet when after 6 days of emailing we realised we'd worked together for a few months, we arranged to meet and were engaged withing 6 months and just got married in June 2005! He (a bachelor) took on me, four kids and a labrador bless him!

bonym · 27/10/2005 20:47

Met my wonderful dh through Dating DIrect (I tried a few sites and they were definitely the best).

We have been together almost 4 years now and are still in the honeymoon period! . We also have a gorgeous 7 mth old dd and he loves dd1 as if she were his own.

I couldn't be happier actually.

Strangely enough I was recommended the site by my ex-dh!

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