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Help me handle best friends sulky attitude!!!

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maddyd · 23/10/2005 08:50

Was meant to visit friend last Monday but she cancelled in the morning saying she had a headache even though i wasnt visiting till about four hours later, she wanted me to go on the thurs instead but i had work so said i couldnt and would have to be this week instead. We only see each other Mondays or Thursdays cos of Kids nursery and work etc.

Anyway shes taken it personally and has not been in touch all week.
I want to text her to see when free this week but i dont want to ignore her sulky attitude as she is always doing this.Plus its always me that gives in and forgives her.

God we are like kids and we are in our 30's

What lighthearted text can i send her??? Without offending her further.

OP posts:
Enid · 23/10/2005 08:52

dont bother and let her do the running for once?

KBear · 23/10/2005 08:53

Unless you're going to say "oi you moody cow, you ignoring me?", you will have to overlook the fact she's been sulking and just say "so are we meeting this week then? where and when?". !

Frizbe · 23/10/2005 08:55

Hmmmmm so is it one of those friendships where you do all the running? but you just do, cause you've known each other for so long? might be worth advising her your not prepared to have things so one sided for once?

doormat · 23/10/2005 08:55

"have u stopped seeing your arse yet, if so give me call"
i sent that msg to my friend when i had to cancel a dinner date due to illness
she laughed her head off but i dont know if it would work with your friend
hope it gets sorted soon

dinny · 23/10/2005 09:14

can't bear friendships where you are the one making all the effort for little return... Just let her call you! Reminds me that must cut out the deadwood acquaintances myself!

maddyd · 23/10/2005 09:15

Shes a champion sulker so although i just pmsl at that one i doubt she would.

Time and timw again i say its not worth it but i still give in.

It also happens when i something is happening to me. I.E its my hen night next week ans shes prob trying to get out of it as shes always tired. Arnt we all

OP posts:
dinny · 23/10/2005 09:21

oh, know the type well, Maddyd. blooming selfish!

maddyd · 23/10/2005 09:29

i Know I Know I Know. But shes my friend. I get so cross with her as she is selfish. But shes my firend and we cant all be perfect Not like me of course.

Just gonna text her and ask her straight out if she has lost her phone or something. I supose i could have text her in the week but ive been flat out with work and the kids.

OP posts:
MeerkatsUnite · 23/10/2005 10:09

Why use text for such matters?. Talk on the phone instead!!.

Maddyd - you may see her as a friend but this other person seems difficult and comes across as selfish. It does seem one sided and you're doing all the running.

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