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Can you imagine yourself and your dh/dp/dw having a sex life when old?

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arabella2 · 21/10/2005 14:09

Not sure if I can - don't know what this says about my relationship if anything - dh is 12.5 years older than me and we have known each other for 10 years. In that time we have obviously both aged and I do think ageing has an impact to how people in couples see each other but was wondering if anybody else felt that way.

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 21/10/2005 14:13

Definitely, hopefully dp feels the same (he is 11 years younger)

Listmaker · 21/10/2005 14:36

Well I suppose when I was 20 the thought of someone my age (41) having sex would have been a bit yuck! And my dp is 48 and we are at it nearly every day (only been together a year you see!). He is definitely hoping we'll still be at it in our 80's. And I hope we will still be able to be physically loving at that age too. It's only when you get to an age you can imagine still doing it. It's better for me now than it ever was in my 20s or even 30s!

With plenty of Viagra and KY why stop??

expatinscotland · 21/10/2005 14:46

I really hope I don't live to my 80s. In fact, I plan on taking up smoking again in my late 50s or early 60s to hopefully hasten the end along.

I find old people incredibly annoying, tiresome and burdensome and hope I die before I reach that stage.

I know they'll be flames from this, but it's how I feel is all.

WigWamBam · 21/10/2005 14:50

I don't see myself in my head as any older now than when I met dh 15 years ago - so I can't see my attitude towards sex changing, as feeling sexy is a frame of mind, not a state of body.

Expat, you're right that some old people are incredibly annoying, tiresome and burdensome, but others aren't ... and even the fact that they're annoying, tiresome and burdensome doesn't change the fact that they might want a sex life!

expatinscotland · 21/10/2005 14:52

I'm not saying there's anything wrong w/old people wanting a sex life. Good for them.

But the OP asked the question, I guess I'd have to say no, b/c I haven't found an old person yet whom I haven't eventually found annoying and burdensome, so I will do all I can to see to it that I don't live till my 80s.

ScreamEagle · 21/10/2005 14:52

expat - you won't find 80 year olds annoying when you are one yourself!!!

Me and dh laugh our socks off trying to imagine ourselves still at it into our 80's. I hope we will still be up to something, even if it's not quite on the scale we have now. What we definitely will be doing is regaling the old folks in our nursing home of the sexual antics we got up to when we were young - and we certainly have a few tales to tell, that's for sure!!!

suzywong · 21/10/2005 14:53

hell yes! Hips permitting

motherinferior · 21/10/2005 14:55

I feel it will probably take that long before we have the time and energy for it again, quite frankly.

bonym · 21/10/2005 14:58


bonym · 21/10/2005 14:59

(To original question, not MI's post!)

GhostofNatt · 21/10/2005 15:07

yuk, no

ediemaybeabat · 21/10/2005 15:10

oh yes

Marina · 21/10/2005 15:10

I was waiting for one of my fellow "more-mature" Mnetters to reply, hell yes, we already do. But no-one has so I will
I don't see this as the same distant, ghastly prospect as you do Arabella Do you mind my asking how old you are?

arabella2 · 21/10/2005 19:15

I'm 36 Marina - and you if you don't mind ME asking - I was wondering what "more mature" meant...

OP posts:
Blu · 21/10/2005 19:18

I'm a more mature MN-er!
And so ancient now that, yes, if we can manage it now, we should be able to keep interested for another couple of decades.
Isn't that what retirement is for? Going on a Saga holiday and rejuvenating yourself? Anyway, there's the catching up to be done, from the sleepless days! There HAS to be something to look forward to!

zippitippitoes · 21/10/2005 19:21

I'm mature lol

Marina · 21/10/2005 20:05

42 last birthday dh the same age!

MummyJules · 21/10/2005 20:17

I don't really have a sex life with DP now so goodness knows whats its going to be like when were older! Eek

tegan · 21/10/2005 20:21

dh told me last night that we hadn't had sex for 3 weeks and it was about time I stopped being too tired. If I'm knackered now what (age 28) what will I be like at 40, 50, 60, etc...

lilibet · 21/10/2005 20:46

I'm 42 too and intend to be having sex with dh for at least the next 40 years!!

Woo Hoo !!

suedonim · 21/10/2005 21:48

Well, my dh is 60 and I can assure you, he doesn't need Viagra! Sorry, that's probably tmi!

ThomBat · 21/10/2005 21:52

What age are you talking about? I don't even want to think about being too old to enjoy a sex life. I fully expect to be enjoying it well into be 60's. Can't imagine myself any older than that so can't go there. I know my dad who is 64 is still very, very popular with the ladies and I'm sure that my mum and step-father, early 60's, still enjoy a healthy sex life, but early 60's isn't old. Hard to imagine my parents let alone myself as an 80 yr old.

Trickorflum · 21/10/2005 21:54

Yeah man, bring on the dimmer switches, long nighties and KY jelly.

Spillage · 21/10/2005 21:56

We are both 37 and we hit highs and lows and not too much experimenting going on at the moment - but the flames of passion are still there so I would say yes game on forever!

Trickorflum · 21/10/2005 21:57

Might pack in the BJ's when the pubes start moulting though, he he he

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