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Has you dp/dh learnt yet to not pick fights with you during your time of the month ??

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nutcackle · 18/10/2005 19:57

Cos mine hasn't , how he never got the wok round his head earlier I'll mever know.

OP posts:
charliebat · 18/10/2005 19:59

LOL what did he do? My dp barely talks to me when im on...he gets the vibe that im going to jump down his throar regardless of what hes saying

nutcackle · 18/10/2005 20:00

Well he was breathing which was enough to annoy me but he then decided to moan about the housework even after i'd said I had been in agony all day with stomach cramps.

I let rip big time, did a mini flounce off upstairs for about 2 seconds and then came back and let rip again.

If he dares apologise before tea time tommorow i may have to kill him.

OP posts:
jessicaandbumpsmummy · 18/10/2005 20:00

DH has only had 6 months practice since we married and lived together - ive been pg the rest of the time!

No he hasnt learnt, but i think i need to give him a bit more time!

munz · 18/10/2005 20:01

ah yes bless him - learnt that prety quickly! - he sits upstairs and ignores me for 2 days then we're fine! lol.

charliebat · 18/10/2005 20:01 could he?

nutcackle · 18/10/2005 20:01

Ahhh yeah good point J&bumpsmummy, will ask you again in a year

OP posts:
Mytwopenceworth · 18/10/2005 20:02

You get special permission to hit them at these times. It's the law!

nutcackle · 18/10/2005 20:02

My throat is sore i screamed that loud

I feel tonnes better though

OP posts:
Mytwopenceworth · 18/10/2005 20:03

I hate to hear my dh chew at these times - the sound makes me want to shove his fork so far down his throat it impales his piles!!

BudaBabe · 18/10/2005 20:04

We are almost out of glasses..............

littlerach · 18/10/2005 20:05

Isn't it worse when they say patronisingly, "Expect it's the hormones" ?
I want to scream then.

nutcackle · 18/10/2005 20:05

ROFL Mytwopenceworth

We've been together for nearly 10 yrs and he was married before so you'd think he'd know the warning signals wouldn't you.

OP posts:
charliebat · 18/10/2005 20:06

My dp has taken nearly ten years to tune in...

HRHQoQ · 18/10/2005 20:06

yes - but mine are slightly irregulat (vary from 26-36 days) so he's never entirely when it is (come to think of it neither am I LOL).

nutcackle · 18/10/2005 20:08

Now the bloke that came to fix the drain earlier obviously knew cos he told me he may not be able to fix it and then changed his mind when he saw my face, and he'd only just met me.

OP posts:
nutcackle · 18/10/2005 20:09

He's making a cuppa now, will have to practise saying thankyou through gritted teeth

OP posts:
spagblog · 18/10/2005 20:09

Do you find that BECAUSE your DH knows that you are hormonal he intentionally winds you up?
He says that he isn't doing it on purpose and that it is me being over sensitive.
I swear that he starts conversations about money problems or relationship stuff only during my period

wilbur · 18/10/2005 20:10

Dh only knows I've got my period if I say "not tonight darling". He happily will buy tampons and so on, but has no clue that my weeping fit or stamping feet have anything to do with hormones. Probably better that way.

nutcackle · 18/10/2005 20:10

Well if thats why he is doing it then he obviously has a death wish Spagblog.

OP posts:
crazydazy · 18/10/2005 21:31

I'm the same Nutcackle and DP wanted me to be all loving last night. WTF????? Does he not realise the last thing you want is to be pawed and groped when you are hormonal.

He has suggested I write my "bad days" on the calendar now!!! Trouble is I don't know myself until one day a wave of fury just hits me and the nearest person bears the brunt of it. DP thinks its just aimed at him but the kids have to put up with it too, bless em!!!!

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