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Should I call and try and 'patch' things up......

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HRHQoQ · 18/10/2005 17:13

with DH.............brief (well for me anyhow LOL) explanation here

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HRHQoQ · 18/10/2005 17:32

come on please oh wise mumsnetter's - help me out - do I carry on and wait for him to apologise (which will probably be a very long time coming - or try and "difuse" any further arguments which will probably happen later by calling now).

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pjsmum · 18/10/2005 18:04

I'd try and diffuse the situation but without taking full responsibility. If you were a bit bitchy then apologise for that but nothing else. Sounds like he thinks he knows best, obviously not cos he was late for work! If you call now will that help stop any other rows tonight? HTH

HRHQoQ · 18/10/2005 18:05

I don't know it should help stop any other rows tonight - otherwise I'll be liable to "say the wrong thing" when he gets home otherwise......

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chicagomum · 18/10/2005 18:09

I agree with pjsmum, but in addition would add that I think you need to let each other realise that its just pettiness due to the (understandable) stress you are under at the moment, before this ends up as the way you constantly communicate iyswim

KateF · 18/10/2005 18:10

Not the best person to advise you QofQ as own marriage on the rocks. Could you meet him halfway and say how you hate it when you fall out, that you're sorry you lost your temper but that you feel you need to talk about why it happened.

pjsmum · 18/10/2005 18:13

He sounds a bit like my DP, a bit of an arse at times and at these times i think take yourself and your pompous, i'm better than you bull* and F** off. (i've had some today can't you tell)One of us does usually try and diffuse situation before we see each other. Crap pointless phone call,(he once rang and asked if i wanted any bacon!!)It helps cos we can then talk more civilly about what happened before without getting as annoyed as quickly.

pjsmum · 18/10/2005 18:15

Didnt mean to call him an arse

HRHQoQ · 18/10/2005 19:58

oh well - my questioned was answered anyhow, went downstairs to call him, checked the potatoes and the phone rang - it was him phoning to say sorry .

(that's ok he was being an arse )

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