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my mum stopped my sister visiting my new baby!!

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oops · 16/10/2005 12:09

Message withdrawn

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Eaney · 16/10/2005 12:21

Do you know exactly what upset her?

hunkerpumpkin · 16/10/2005 12:46

Is this because your birth mother won't have seen your baby first?

Passionkiller · 16/10/2005 13:24

WTF?? sums it up quite well I reckon.

I think you should talk to BM about this but not when BS is there.

oops · 16/10/2005 19:47

Message withdrawn

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Eaney · 16/10/2005 20:08

Probably feels guilty and would feel embarassed if your sister saw him first. Not sure what you should do.

oops · 16/10/2005 20:14

Message withdrawn

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MiladyMarsLady · 16/10/2005 20:19

I'll come and visit oops.

I'm moving a little closer to you... down the hill can you believe.

I'm sorry that your mother did that!

stitch · 16/10/2005 20:21

well, she's your birth mother. not the woman who brought you up, which i personally think is your 'real' mother. dont let her childish ness affect you. and dont allow it to affect your behaviour towards them.

hunkerpumpkin · 16/10/2005 20:22

Oh, Oops, not a nice way to feel

Very good typing for one-handed, btw - mine will be worse

Oh, I get so cross with people being so peculiar It's hard, isn't it?

QueenVictoria · 16/10/2005 20:23

My Mum did this!

She stopped talking to my DB and his girlfriend over exactly the same thing (long history there and she is MIL to my DB's girlfriend IMO).

Because they came up to visit and were the first to out of my family my mum got the ar*e and blanked them for 3 days. The reason being is that she doesnt drive (she's only 9 miles away), and they should have asked her if she wanted to come (even though she was at work - they work shifts in the police and paramedics btw).

I didnt see my mum n dad for 3 days after my DS was born (my 2nd) because they were so busy with work blah blah blah. But she got the hump with the ones that did come and see me. Nice.

Do feel for you oops. Families are hard work even at the best of times.

QueenVictoria · 16/10/2005 20:24

Should say "MIL FROM HELL...."

KristinaM · 16/10/2005 20:28

Oops - do you think its possible that your having a baby has brought up some issues for her? I'm assuming that she relinquished you as a small baby ( I realise this might not be the case). Not saying this to excuse her behaviour, just a thought really.......

Screwballmuppet · 16/10/2005 20:32

Feeling for you Oops!
This behaviour resembles my own BM. My advice to you would be to put her to the back of your mind if its something you don't want to approach with her...she obviously isn't worth getting upset over as it sounds that she's thinking of herself rather than you IMO.

NotQuiteCockney · 16/10/2005 20:50

Oooh, I think KristinaM has a good point there ...

Relationships with birth families are such a tricky thing, my DM is sooooo strange about my brother, who she gave up as a baby. Not in this sort of way, but she might be, if she felt my sister or I were closer to him than she is ...

oops · 17/10/2005 17:18

Message withdrawn

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oops · 18/10/2005 19:42

Message withdrawn

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