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Do you think he'll take the hint>>

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MassacreOHara · 14/10/2005 09:21

I've just forwarded my dp an interflora email that I'd received. Do you think he'll take the hint?

OP posts:
TrickorTwiglett · 14/10/2005 09:24

not unless you say 'buy me flowers, here's a link'

I tend to find that men don't get hints in general

MassacreOHara · 14/10/2005 09:48

I did write at the top of it something along the lines "take the hint" but was long drawn out comical statement that I can't remember now!

OP posts:
anorak · 14/10/2005 09:51

I sing 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers' really badly at my DH if it's been too long. He gets me some just to shut me up

NotActuallyAMum · 14/10/2005 10:21

Agree with TrickorTwiglett

MassacreOHara · 14/10/2005 10:39

what are the words Anorak? I'm a really bad singer

OP posts:
jenweber630 · 14/10/2005 12:01

Yes - unless your husband is a superstar you're going to have to be more blunt. He'll probably wonder why you sent him an ad for flowers and delete it. Men are a bit think sometimes aren't they???

anorak · 14/10/2005 12:05

You don?t bring me flowers
You don?t sing me love songs
You hardly talk to me anymore
When you come through that door at the end of the day...
I remember when you couldn?t wait to love me
Used to hate to leave me
Now after loving me late at night
When it?s good for you, babe
And you?re feeling all right
When you just roll over and turn out the light...
And you don?t bring me flowers anymore
It used to be so natural
It used to be...
To talk about forever
But used-to-bes don?t count anymore
They just lay on the floor
Till we sweep them away
And baby I remember all the things you taught me
I learned how to laugh and I learned how to cry
Well, I learned how to love and I learned how to lie
So you think I could learn how to tell you goodbye
So you think I could learn how to tell you goodbye
You don?t bring me flowers any more...
Well, you think I could learn how to tell you goodbye...
¡®cause you don?t say you need me;
You don?t sing me love songs;
You don?t bring me flowers anymore...

anorak · 14/10/2005 12:05

Good luck with that

doormat · 14/10/2005 12:07

massacre no he might think it is spam
hope you get them though

Rhubarb · 14/10/2005 12:10

Buy yourself some flowers and write on the card "Love from Mark, thanks for everything".
When he asks just say "Oh him? He's just a friend really!"

Easy · 14/10/2005 12:14

How about cutting and pasting a picture of a particularly nice bouquet, into an email saying "I like this".

Register with the Flying Flowers website, using his email address so he gets regular email updates for their products.

MassacreOHara · 14/10/2005 12:52

Easy that is a fab idea!!!

Do you think if I register him with a jewelers they'll send him adverts of enagement rings??

OP posts:
gigglinggoblin · 14/10/2005 12:56

really like rhubarbs idea

i just leave the last bunch in the vase until he buys me more. when they start dropping i move them somewhere he will notice them (like his desk) so he has to pick up the bits. usually works, except last time he got lillies and i had to throw them because i was worried about the cats getting poisoned before he got round to it, so now have empty vase

hub2dee · 14/10/2005 13:03

I don't mind being reminded, but like the timing still to be determined by me IYSWIM... If I were your dp, I'd take the hint, but you wouldn't get the flowers for at least a week !

... you know, gotta maintain that "I'm my own man" thang, LOL

Maybe more constructive would be a whispered 'you know that last time you got me those gorgeous flowers you made me feel soooo special you great big hairy-handed truck-driving bear grappler'...

(I'd probably still make you wait a few days though)

Anyway, all this talk has made me admit I haven't bought dw flowers for an age, so will run to florist with dd cos her mamma's fab.

Oh yeah, and stop buying flowers 'for the house'... dw does, hence removing any pressing need for Massive Romantic Gesture involving flowers IYSWIM.

mawbroon · 14/10/2005 13:52

My DH used to live in Holland and won't buy me flowers because they are three times the price here!! That was fair enough when he was at Uni and we were superskint I suppose. We bought a house with a big garden last year and I asked if he would grow some flowers to present me with, and I'm still waiting.... broccolli is technically a flower though - does that count?? Come to think of it - I grew the bloody broccolli!

I know that a hint would not work. I would have to ask him outright which defeats the purpose IMO.

Ho hum though. I just tell myself that if all I have to worry about is not getting flowers from DH then really there's nothing coming over me......


MassacreOHara · 14/10/2005 14:52

Rhubarb's idea is very good but dp wouldn't even notice the flowers let along actually look at them closely enough to notice a card!

as for hub2dee well...

I don't buy flowers for the house (think they're a waste of money unless they are a special gift)

and I couldn't say...

'you know that last time you got me those gorgeous flowers....' because the only time he has ever bought me flowers we had just permenantly split up and he'd gone on holiday

OP posts:
HRHWickedwaterwitch · 14/10/2005 14:53

If only men realised the impact of flowers, it's such an easy thing to do to make someone think you're wonderful, if only they GOT this!

MassacreOHara · 14/10/2005 14:54

exactly WWW!!

A bloke at work told me I looked really good earlier which I thought was nice (especially as it's dress down day)

OP posts:
sweetheart · 14/10/2005 14:55

I said to my dh the other night

"The sanctuary have brought out a new range of stuff which I'd like - maybe I'll treat myself to some"

To which he replied - you could have told me about it for part of your xmas prezzie

Uhhum!!! I thought thats what I was doing!!!! DUH!!!

edodgy · 14/10/2005 14:57

Tell your Dp that massacreOhara and he'll panic and buy said flowers!

MassacreOHara · 14/10/2005 14:59

lol edodgy and sweetheart

OP posts:
dinosaur · 14/10/2005 15:04

Gah! Don't talk to me about flowers and DHs! I speak as the woman who was bought a bunch of novelty green carnations as a reward for pushing out DS3...

MassacreOHara · 14/10/2005 15:05

PMSL - I did nearly spit my coffe then!

OP posts:
hub2dee · 14/10/2005 16:46

LOL, Mascara...

dw came back and went 'wow, wow, what are these for etc. etc.' (the right noises), so I admitted reading the thread and she did agree that men just don't get the impact flowers have on a gal...

Hmmm... so re: dp... maybe just a very straightforward - 'when was the last time you bought me ?'... Followed by a 'do you understand quite how much they would mean to me ?' type convo (throw in feeling ignored ITH, LOL)...

If all else fails, it's gonna have to be a Lysistrata job.

crazydazy · 14/10/2005 16:50

Just one other annoying thing about men....sometimes I ask DP to do something and he thinks I mean "right this minute, now" when I was just asking if he could do it sometime this week or something!!!! He just gets annoyed if I ask him to do things as he thinks he has to do it all straightaway, really annoys me.

Sorry for hijacking!!!!

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