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Baby Jogger City Select! I know someone has it.....

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lifeas3plus1 · 06/07/2010 22:12

Sorry I can't remember your name.

I just wanted to know how your getting on with it?

IIRC You have twins? How is it to push, Do you find that the children have enough room in the seats? Have you attempted public transport with it yet? What car do you have and how much room does it take up in the boot?

Sorry for all the questions.

I have put my deposit down on it and am going to pay the rest on it next week. I'm really excited but didn't get too play with it as much as I'd like too as the shop it's in was very small with WAY too many prams around.

My Dp wants to get me a peugeot 307 and wondering if it'll fit in the boot but until then may have to use the bus from time to time.

TIA for your reply.

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