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Recommended Twin/Tandem Pushchairs!

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Teki · 15/04/2010 11:31

Hello All,

I am expecting twins in two months, and have been trawling the pages and internet for recommended twin/tandem buggies.

I am after something inexpensive, easy/convienient to use, from birth to toddler age, that also folds away nicely into a car boot, and is NOT awkward to manouver through shop doors or up street kerbs.

So, are you a tandem or twin user? Car seat-buggy combo person?

Please post your recommendations!

Teki x

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mel2005 · 15/04/2010 14:17

hi, i have twins and have had loads of doubles. i currently have the mountain buggy and the airbuggy side-by-sides both fantastic buggies. i also have on order the baby jogger city select
lulaboo still have some for the april delivery delivered by the 30th. it does look great and you can attach two maxi-cosi car seats. like the icandy pear (which i have had) but much better seating positions and folds in one bit.
when your twins are little its so much easier if you can just pop the car seats in and out of the car onto a chassis. i have two older children so i probably do alot more nipping around then people who dont. anyway if you are after a side-by-side lightweight good quality buggy the airbuggy is fantastic, its got a compact fold its 14.8kg which is lightweight for a double with air tyres but the tyres are smaller so its much nippier. it also comes with bumpers, sunshade, liners, raincovers etc inc. there is a fantastic offer on e-bay at the moment, i got mine from there. QQptZUKBabyBabyTravelPushchairsGL?hash=item3efdf90474

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mel2005 · 15/04/2010 14:31

just some guidence on twin buggies....
tandems can be really long and heavy and hard to get up kerbs, some are a single with a double adaption like the icandy and babyjogger select so are the same length as a single which is a bonus but can result in the seats being very crampt. i have had the jane powertwin and twin two, the bebecar vector duo and the icandy. the phil and teds inline ones can be used for twins from 6 months but i hated it, i had the sport for my older two at one point and didnt mind it. i bought a vibe for my twins and hated it.

the side-by-sides can very from 73/74cm to 80ishcm. i personally wouldnt go for anything wider than 76cm i had a maclaren 78cm that i couldnt get in alot of places. 74/75cm is about the average width of a standard wheelchair so most places have to cater for that width so you should be ok in most shops. my mountain buggy is 73.8cm and my airbuggy is slightly narrower. the easywalker is 75cm and is also a great buggy and can take two maxi-cosi car seats. i have had the m&p twin aira and it was terrible quality and really wide. the phil and teds side-by-side is good but not as good quality as the airbuggy and mountain buggy. hope this helps. there are some great bargains on e-bay. i got my as new mountain buggy from e-bay for £150. i wouldnt buy the new version mountain buggy as is been bought out by p&t and are not such good quality some shops will not stock it now.
good luck with the twins.

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