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Bugaboo Help.....

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anythingwithagiraffeonit · 28/01/2010 14:18

Hi All, I may be just not reading correctly, but could someone tell me what exactly the Bugaboo Cameleon comes with?

Does it come with the carrycot or do you buy that seperately?

Also, I'm quite confused about the 'Tailored fabric'... do we need one of these? where exactly does it go.. and if these are the coloured accents, what colour is the bugaboo when it arrives?

I'm finding the website very unclear :p

thanks for any help! x

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puss1 · 28/01/2010 20:09

hi the carrcot is part of the pram and the tailored fabric is the colour you choose so you could have a red base(seat unit) with a green hood?best colour for the bugaboo is red or black.Dont choose the fleece fabric is not as strong as the canvas material. although canvas i think is slightly more expensive.But will last longer. Hope that helps any more question just ask i worked in a baby shop! lol.

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puss1 · 28/01/2010 20:34

hi just checked the website the chassis is part of the pushchair and carry cot.Carry cot velcro onto the chassis but the pushchair unit slips over the chassis.Can only use one at a time!if you are having the carrycot then the tailored fabric is worth having go for canvas.part of the tailored fabric well part of this slip over the puschair unit like a footmuff would.and the other part is like a rain cover for the carrycot so you cant see blankets the other part of the tailored fabric is a sun canopy.
It is all quite easy to use.just looked on mother care website cost for all bits
maxicosi adaptors 29.99
footmuff 89.99
tailored canvas fabric 89.95
nappy bag 19.99 there is a bag at 50.00.
cup holder 14.99
chassis base unit 695.05
hope that helps. good luck.

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DoNotFeedMeBiscuits · 28/01/2010 20:51


you need to buy the tailored fabric - this is basically the hood, the carrycot 'lid' and the lining for the buggy bit. It's not complete without it.

You specify what colour base you want when you order it, dzrk grey or sand or whatever.

The carry cot and the buggy are both part of the main thing that you order - they are both based on the same frame and the one you are not using folds up. I would recommend getting the footmuff, but you don't need it until you are using the buggy mode, rather than the carrycot.

Go to John Lewis - they'll explain it all and give you a demonstration of how the bits fit together!

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