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Graco duosport and M&P pulse+twin

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Liz79 · 22/12/2009 17:36

Hi everyone,

DD was 2 last week (already!) and we are expecting DC2 in April when DD will be 28 months, she is little but walks OK. Last August (when I JUST found out DC2 was coming) I talked DH into letting me have the M&P switch on the basis that DD can face me and it is suitable for a newborn and has a toddler step so it would be good for then. I have since realised we will not be able to use the toddler step with the pram laid flat or facing the parent. We think it will be fine with the car sear though. BUT don't like keeping baby in the car seat too much, will DDs legs be upto using the toddler step for any distance? and someone has said buggy boards etc are difficult to get up kerbs.

I have been looking at (cheap) double buggies and fancy the graco duosport, one review though has said although it is suitable from birth, it doesn't go that flat and they wouldn't put a newborn in it. I need to find somewhere locally that has one so I can see for myself but what are your opinions? I see everyone on mumsnet recommends the nipper double but it is too expensive, we hope to only use it for a few months (by which time DD will be bigger and stronger and can use the bloody toddler step).

Also fancy the M&P pulse+twin, can't find any reviews of it though. Does anyone have one?

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