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Any ideas?

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MrsWillis · 16/11/2009 22:44

I need a pushchair for my 8 month old DD that has a good seat, good brake and is easy to steer. Preferably rear facing but doesn't have to be.

It also needs to work well with the Lascal Maxi buggy board. I was thinking of either an Infinity or Maclaren XLR but I don't know anything about the Infinity and I'm not sure how well the Mac will steer with one hand when my DS decides to get down off his board.

Also looked at the Kurvi, does anyone know if this is any good?

I currently have the Buzz and I hate it. Tried the board on my Luna too and it was awful to push.


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BertieBotts · 16/11/2009 22:53

I am always recommending this But the Loola Up is good. Though it's getting quite heavy with my 13 month old, especially compared to the Obaby umbrella fold stroller I have been using, so I don't know whether it would be suitable. It is a great pushchair though, rear or forward facing, nice comfy seat which reclines completely flat, seat covers are reversible and wash well and dry quickly, swivel lock is on the handle so really easy to put on or off, good, easy to use brakes, can steer one-handed and I always found it light to push until I tried the Obaby! I still prefer it though as the brake on my Obaby is rubbish and the seat doesn't seem as comfortable.

It's supposed to take a buggy board very well though I haven't tried one.

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babydrip · 16/11/2009 23:03

the new version of the britax vigour 3+ also comes as a 4 wheeler if prefer.
both will work with board, imho better than the infinity (which ive had) as the seat unit is not like a bucket seat but the back has a lovely smooth recline and the leg bit also can be altered, much roomier as well

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